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There’s nothing we love more than true crime. We talk about it, we read about it, hell, we built the Death Becomes Us true crime festival (which is coming to New York City this March, get your tickets to hang out with Amanda Knox now!). So we decided to take our daily true crime chats (it’s a fun office environment!) and condense them into an easy to read column jam packed with all the crime news you crave. From our favorite podcasts, to some classic #TBTs, we’ve got all the talking points you need to scare your friends and family.


  • We just finished listening to the teaser trailer for Root of Evil and it sounds wild. The upcoming podcast tackles the often talked about Black Dahlia case and mixes in some good old fashioned family intrigue. The host is related to suspected killer George Hill Hodel and interviews relatives to get a better picture of the man who (probably!) killed Elizabeth Short.
  • And speaking of being related to a murderer, Happy Face is a fascinating look at the Happy Face Killer, from the point of view of his daughter. It’s all (surprise!) very personal and heartfelt.
  • This recommendation has nothing to do with being related to a serial killer, but Hardcore History is maybe the ultimate true crime podcast. After all, what is history but one giant true crime?


  • All access passes for Death Becomes Us, our true crime festival, are sold out, but you can still buy individual tickets to see Amanda Knox, John Douglas, Paul Holes, Damien Echols and more.
  • This is a very long, very sad and very buck wild story about a 21-year-old hacker who (probably) killed his girlfriend (probably with the help of his best friend) and tried to dump her body in a river in the Philippines.
  • To finish the round up off, The Cut tackles true crime’s failings as a genre. Whether your love true crime (and you probably do) or you hate it (why are you here?) it’s a well thought out read.
  • Have you watched Abducted in Plain Sight? Do you have feelings? Do you want to yell about it? Direct your energy into this sweet Atlantic long read.
  • Heads up Serial fans (aka everyone), our friends at HBO is crafting a four-part documentary about Adnan Syed. That title tho.


It’s the birthday of Mohammed Bijeh, an Iranian serial killer who was executed in 2005. His Wikipedia page will make your day worse, just as a heads up.