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Remember Melissa and her Gentrifiers Guide to a Crazy Great Weekend on H Street AKA Atlas? In her controversial post (man, do you guys love to have opinions about opinions), she mentioned Atlas’ Joy of Motion Dance Center, and this weekend I got to check the place out for myself (minus Melissa’s ballet and beer).

This past Saturday the center held their final show for DCypher Dance: The Fourth Dimension. DCypher Dance is the Joy of Motion’s adult hip hop dance group – a group that works together to create innovative hip hop routines, and uses dance as their main medium of expression to connect with each other and the community.


DCypher performed six different routines, including a tribute to the late, great Michael Jackson. A few of the dances were choreographed by the company’s own dancers including choreographer and dancer Nikki Gambhir. The routines focused on highlighting the strengths of each of the dancers, giving them all a chance to shine. The routines were fun and entertaining, jam-packed with funky moves and attitude.

The show was punctuated by special guest performances including RawSound Tap Company, the GnC Crew, Urban Impact (Joy of Motion’s youth hip hop group), and Grammy Nominee hip-hop artist Christylez Bacon. Both RawSound Tap Company and the GnC Crew brought their own flavor to the stage, matching DCypher’s zeal. Urban Impact worked the stage confidently, and ate up the crowd’s encouragement and enthusiasm. Christylez Bacon’s frustration with wi-fi and ridiculous beat boxing had us all cracking up.

The vibe in the room was electric and sweet – many of the attendees were there to personally support the performers, and throughout the show you would hear a personal shout out from an audience member. The energy exuded from the performers and the crowd easily spread, and the whole room was soon clapping, whistling, and grooving with the dancers.

DCypher-5 DCypher-6
Bacon Bacon Bacon
DCypher-22 DCypher-12
DCypher-9 DCypher-8

Check out Joy of Motion Dance Center for both performances and classes.