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The weather’s getting warmer and the nights are getting longer, so it’s only right that the drinks get frozen and stronger. Just in time for the heatwaves of summer, we bring you best frozen cocktails, alcoholic slushies, milkshakes and popsicles to beat the heat. D.C.’s restaurant and bar scene is chock-full of the best mixology-minded professionals and their recipes never disappoint and this season there’s no exception . So check out the drinks and make the trip to frozen buzz heaven. Trust us, the brain freeze will be worth it.

(The Hamilton)


  • Arcuri– Limoncello Slushies

Made with: Grain alcohol, lemon peels, and simple sugar
Price: $4
Perfect for: Friday night weekend kick-offs.


Made with: Cointreau Pilar, Orange Juice, Hum Pomegranate, Patron and sour mix. We went behind the scenes here.
Price: $12 single, $18 double
Perfect for: Weekend day drinking or sneaking out of the office early…


Made with: Fresh strawberry, grapefruit bitters, St. Germain, gin, lime juice, Yellow Chartreuse. We went behind the scenes here.
Price: $11
Perfect for: Zapping your heat-driven blues.


Made With: Snow cone infused with liquor
Price: $7
Perfect For: Wednesdays….


Made with: Rye, Rothman Apricot, Peach, Mint and Honey
Perfect for: Dessert. Who needs cake when you can drink all of the sweety-goodness instead?



Made with: Rum, Velvet Falernum, Averna Amaro, Mango, Ginger, and a Gosling’s Float
Perfect For: An after-date nightcap.



Made With: Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, House Made Limoncello, Vanilla Ice Cream, Lemon Juice
Price: $8
Perfect For: Taking the the Arnold Palmer  drink experience to the next level.


Made with: Smirnoff Vanilla Bean Vodka, Red Win Coffee Liqueur, Vanilla Ice Cream
Price: $8
Perfect For: Reminiscing on those childhood summers, but with booze.


Made with: Blueberry, Mint & Bourbon or Cherry, Creme de Violette & Vodka
Price: $9
Perfect For: If you want the familiarity of a slushie with a Spanish kick and all-fresh ingredients.



Made with: Rum, lime juice, sugar
Price: $12
Perfect for: That moment when you realize you’re fucking fabulous.


Made With: Mt. Gay Black Rum, Goslings 151, passionfruit, orange, and lime juices, and house made grenadine, blended with ice.
Price: $12
Perfect For: Outside dining in the sunshine



Made With: a classic blend of fresh pineapple, house made pineapple syrup, coconut milk, demerara sugar, and Bacardi 8-year Rum.
Price: $12
Perfect For: Your local tikki bar



Made With: Sauza Gold, triple sec, hibiscus extract & salt rim
Price: $9
Perfect For: Getting in touch with your inner flower power hippie.


Made With: Sugar, Orange Juice, Liqueur, Grand Marnier
Price: $13.00
Perfect For: The ice cream joy without having to chase the ice cream truck.
Made With: Arrow Cafe Mocha, Galliano, Club Soda, Cola, Rosette Whipped Cream,
Price: $13.00
Perfect For: Grownup slumber parties with your best friends.

Made With: gin, strawberry-basic simple syrup and lemon juice
Price: $9
Perfect For: Picnics and BBQ with friends.



Made With: Knob Creek bourbon, Cherry Heering liqueur, La Marca prosseco, orange juice, vanilla ice cream
Price: $8
Perfect For: Beating the heat.


Made With: The Mambo Taxi® goes uptown with a Chambord meltdown
Price: $10
Perfect For: Pre-gaming before your big night out.


Made With: A blend of frozen fresh lime margarita and house made sangria
Price: $8
Perfect For: Pre-gaming for your big night.


Made With: Vanilla crème caramel ice cream, white peach “slush” lavender, lemon poppyseed madeleine
Price: $9
Perfect For: The adventurous sipper.



Made with: Your choice of frozen margarita (flavors include mango and strawberry) with a mini bottle of Corona.
Price: $11
Perfect for: A sticky summer night with your friends.


Made With:  Bourbon, cherries, orange juice, lemonade
Price: $9
Perfect For: An early morning pick-me-up. That’s what the OJ is for.


Made With: Tanteo jalapeno infused vodka, cointreau, lime
Price: $ 12
Perfect for: Getting hot while staying cool.


Made With: Choose from a selection of ten varieties with ingredients like peanut butter with George Dickel No. 12 Tennessee Whiskey or Avocado with Jose Cuervo.
Price: $10
Perfect For: Dinner. Peanut butter, avocado, and whiskey? Now, we’re no scientists but that sounds like a balanced diet to us.


Made with: Your choice of either tequila or rum in seasonal agua frescas that change daily
Price: $6.25
Perfect for: Lazy summer days.


Made With: blend of coconut rum, key lime pie, and bananas foster banana rum with vanilla ice cream
Price: $ 8.99
Perfect For: Double Straw drinking and an after dinner dessert.


Made With: lime margarita swirled with strawberry and a dash of blue curacao
Price: $7.50-$8.5
Perfect For: Celebrating by toasting to the land of the free.



Made with: Leblon cachaca, lime, basil
Price: $13 (half price during happy hour from 5-7 p.m. Monday through Friday)
Perfect for: Feeling like you’re on the beaches of Rio.