DC’s Best Cupcakes (for Valentine’s Day) + A GIVEAWAY
Dakota | Feb 10, 2012 | 9:00AM |

As you may have seen this week, we’ve gone a little bit Valentine’s Day crazy on BYT – but that’s ok. And since Valentine’s Day may as well be NATIONAL CUPCAKE DAY we decided early on, while planning our romantic coverage for this week, that we HAD TO DO A CUPCAKE STORY (and giveaway). Had to. So…

The idea was simple enough:

  • Go to all of our favorite cupcake haunts in DC: BAKED & WIRED, STICKY FINGERS, RED VELVET, HELLO CUPCAKE , SPRINKLES (and a BUZZ BAKERY addendum)
  • Find out what their Valentine’s day special cupcakes are
  • photograph them/round them up for the most eye/mouth watering Valentine’s day cupcake round-up you’ll EVER READ/SALIVATE OVER
  • have Jim Graham,  DC Councilmember (Ward 1), bow tie enthusiast and past BYT photoshoot star taste test them – just because
  • and then we’d GIVE AWAY HALF A DOZEN OF THESE VALENTINE’S DAY CUPCAKES from each bakery TO YOU FAIR BYT READERS, ready for pick up on Monday (rules how to enter are at the bottom of the post so hang in there)

What it did involve was: Dakota’s car being permanently covered in frosting as he jetted around town with dozens of cupcakes in his back seat, crashing a DC Council meeting, Jim Graham having a chocolate allergy so Neil Stanley from the Youth Rehabilitation Program (who happened to be in that meeting we crashed) stepping in to taste the chocolatiest flavors and all of us, over here at BYT, overdosing on sugar in the name of research. But it was worth it.


all photos: DAKOTA FINE


  • Where you can find them: in Dupont at 1361 Connecticut Ave NW, 20036 and on Capitol Holl  705 8th St SE, 20003
  • What the Valentine’s day special IS: Date night cupcake decorating class on Valentines Day at the Capitol Hill location
  • What did Jim Graham and Neil Stanley say about them: the white chocolate covered strawberry on top of the chocolate ganache makes it hands down most luxurious Valentine’s Day special of them all.  AND the one with the potato chip (!) was the chocolate favorite of the bunch: a perfect mix of crunchy and soft, and sweet and salty.
  • What # do I call to order this goodness: (202) 861-2253 Dupont and (202) 544-2210 Capitol Hill



DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-103 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-104 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-105 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-106


  • Where you can find them: 1370 Park Rd NW, 20010
  • What the Valentine’s day special IS: Only DC bakery to get vegan cupcakes for your sweetie. The fact that they made them with champagne makes it THAT MUCH BETTER.
  • What did Jim Graham say about them: Mmmmm, Ward 1 has delicious cupcakes. Maybe we can go dancing after I have this one?
  • What number do I call to order this goodness: (202) 299-9700


DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-107 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-108

DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-109 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-110 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-111 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-112


  • Where you can find them: 3015 M St NW, 20007
  • What the Valentine’s day special IS: XOX Box. Topped with sugar heart and XOX decorations. Comes with red velvet, chocolate marshmallow, dark chocolate, and vanilla. Gift box for $49, or regular box of XOX cupcakes for $39.
  • What did Jim Graham say about them: The frosting is so thick and rich, I don’t even know where to start with this. So perfect and pretty too.
  • What number do I call to order this goodness? (202) 450 1610


DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-113 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-114

DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-115 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-116 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-117 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-118 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-119


  • Where you can find them: 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, 20007
  • What the Valentine’s day special IS: Heart shaped everything, BIG ASS and little ass cookies, festive latte art and festive cakecups
  • What did Jim Graham say about them: There’s only one thing to say here: their non-chocolate flavors were the hands down taste test winner here. Well done, Baked & Wired.
  • What number do I call to order this goodness: (202) 333-2500


DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-120 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-121

DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-122 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-123 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-124 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-125 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-126 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-127


  • Where you can find them: 501 7th Street NW, 20004
  • What the Valentine’s day special IS: every cupcake is a red velvet Valentine’s day special
  • What did Jim Graham say about them: the simple red velvet cake with the cream cheese frosting was the non-flashy favorite. We could eat these all the time.
  • What number do I call to order this goodness: (202) 347-7895


DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-128 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-129

DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-130 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-131 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-132


DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-133 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-134 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-135 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-136 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-137 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-138 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-139 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-140 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-141

ADDENDUM: we really WANTED TO include BUZZ BAKERY in this round up (love that place) too but their Valentine’s Day cupcake were not quite ready in time for our shoot. STILL, they are now and they just sent us this photo of their CONVERSATION HEARTS CUPCAKES, so we’re dropping them in here as well: ADORABLE


Leave us a comment telling us which is your favorite cupcake place in DC and WHO would you give the cupcakes to and WHY and we’ll notify the winners by Sunday, February 12th.

Sounds good? GOOD.

Recent Comments:
  • Brie says:

    As a baker, Baked & Wired is by far my favorite cupcake place in DC. As a loyal customer (go at least 2-3 times a month – no shame) who appreciates a quality cupcake and the creative names for all their sweet treats, I would give the cupcakes to my three incredible roommates. These three ladies are true blessings in my life and there’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them, cupcakes, and wine. 🙂

  • Jenni says:

    Chocolate Covered Strawberry.. Hello Cupcake! Winner in my book, delicious… worth every bite~

  • Matilda says:

    I love baked and wired for cupcakes (and coffee, and iced tea, and hand pies…). I like the people there, the random but wonderful quotes adorning the walls, such as “we’ll never be as young as we are tonight,” and the rich, fluffy cupcakes with bizarre name cards. I’m in a graduate program for classical acting where a lot of my classmates are here alone in dc or without their other, and I would love to spread the joy with them. We all also really like cupcakes…

  • compassion is ALL The rage says:

    Sticky Fingers — because they have a heart for all animals! They make it easy to indulge in decandently delicious meat-, egg-, and dairy-free foods that are better for our health, the animals, and the planet — and they prove that vegan eating doesn’t mean skimping on flavor.

    Who would I share the cupcakes with? All the awesome volunteers at VegDC.com and Compassion Over Killing who are helping create a kinder world for all animals.

  • isiboo says:

    Baked and Wired wins in my book – hands down. Mouth watering cupcakes with thirst quenching lattes to boot.

    I’d give the cupcakes to all my lady friends – through all the breakups and hookups, they’re my true Valentines.

  • ANDREW (pronounce my name in lower case) says:

    BAKED & WIRED. Wonderful, awesome, delectable cupcakes. However, any true cupcake enthusiast appreciates cupcakes of all colors, shapes, sizes, flavors, and frostings without prejudice or discrimination.

    If I won the cupcakes, I’d give them all away (well almost, I’d save two or so for myself of course) away at my university to random students.

    It’s amazing how something so small can make someone’s day better.

  • Abdouglass says:

    baked and wired are my absolute favorite. If I had half a dozen cupcakes to share I would split them with my amazing friends as each is going through some major ups and downs right now, including new jobs and apartments, as well as breakups and illnesses.

  • Achi says:

    i could snuggle up in a corner at Baked & Wired any hour of the day. Gorgeous employees, coffee skills, art. Even their cakecups are gorgeous, instead of cute. I’d give them to my gracious grandma, who has, understandably, more friends than anyone I know and would gather them into her home in no time for a sweet little feast. But most of all, at 91, she deserves a grown-up and gorgeous cupcake from Baked & Wired. I’d also like to save one for the guy who efficiently dealt with the plumbing emergency (NOT a gross one though!!) at Baked & Wired the other day.

  • hauntedteacozy says:

    My favorite is Sticky Fingers because they make seriously good stuff that is fun to give to people who think anything vegan is going to be horrible. Who would I give them to and why? ME. Because I have to live with myself every day and sometimes it’s a chore but I love myself anyway and have been with myself for a long time (though sometimes it feels like longer).

  • Empressfreda says:

    Baked & Wired is my absolutely favorite cupcakery in DC. I would share them with my foodie dance friends because they’ve been there for me.

  • ElisA says:

    Best cupcakes are at Bake Shop in Arlington. After I had their oreo (and red velvet and vanilla) cupcakes I tried like 3 times to make oreo cupcakes. I don’t know HOW they get their frosting so light and airy and melt in your mouth but damn they’re good good stuff. I’ve tried some other places but their frosting is usually too sweet or grainy.
    I’d give the cupcakes to my colleagues and I because we’ll be working a 14 hour day (like we do every day we have kids in town) giving a group of 50 middleschoolers from El Salvador a tour of DC/Arlington!

  • Hungry Monkey says:

    Sweet Lobby is the only DC cupcakery that has won on the TV show Cupcake Wars, so they win in my book!

    • Giorgio says:

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  • Elyse G. says:

    It’s a tie between Sprinkles and Baked & Wired. Each place has flavors that are head and shoulders above the rest.
    I would happily share the cupcakes with my close group of girlfriends who have been there for me through my darkest hours.

  • Micky says:

    Of these wonderful cupcakeries featured, my favorite is Hello Cupcake. They have fun twists on classic flavors and they taste much more natural than other places. The strawberry on top of their Valentine’s cupcake is adorable! I would share my cupcakes with my wonderful hubby – we had cupcakes instead of a traditional cake at our wedding last year, so we have fond memories revolving around the cupcake! 🙂

  • cookwith5kids says:

    We love sticky fingers!! My kids hate most vegan foods that my husband and I enjoy. But our whole family loves the treats that are made at sticky fingers. If I won I would share the cupcakes with my 5 kids.

  • Cupcake Luvah says:

    Sticky Fingers. Is. Awesome. Besides the fact that the folks behind the counter are all just genuinely amazing and funky people, their cupcakes give the lie to the assumption my relatives have that vegan equals less good. And the champagne cake is light and fluffy and everything that’s good in a sweet little treat. I would totally take these cupcakes and share them with A) my sexy sweet husband and then B) my coworkers, who are also vegan-atheists of sorts. They need to have their socks knocked off, I think.

    And to my lovely neighborhood Sticky Fingers peeps who probably get tired of hearing me request this: pretty pretty please will you bring back the peanut butter and jelly cowvin????

  • Jessica says:

    There is seriously no better place than baked and wired. The employees are rad, their twitter feed is hilarious, their coffee is amazing, and did I mention the cupcakes?! By god it is practically an orgasm in my mouth. If you have recently placed one of those bad boys down your throat, you know what I am talking about. After selfishly stealing one for myself, I would give the remainder to my 3 co-workers. I just spent the last few days at the hospital due to a cat bite (seriously I got attacked by a cat I was fostering for the Humane Society). My co-workers actually gave a damn, were seriously concerned, and offered to bring me anything I needed. My co-workers are the BEST.

  • Lori.love says:

    Baked and Wired, hands down–for their variety of flavors and excellent customer service! I’d share the cupcake with my hubby, love of my life keeps me from getting fat by splitting all sweets between us both!

  • yoyosam says:

    crunkcakes. without a doubt. delicious boozey cupcakes made with love.

    and i would share them with my fellow americorps members, because we are young and broke but terribly in love with our jobs and cupcakes would put a smile on all of our faces.

  • elizabeth says:

    I LOVE Baked and Wired, and would share my VDay cupcakes with my single friends who admittedly hate the day and my coworkers who all happen to be obsessed with cupcakes!

  • Kim says:

    I love Sticky Fingers! First, because I am a vegan. Second, because they come up with super creative awesome flavors (like chocolate stout and champagne passionfruit!) and I especially love their filled cupcakes and Lil Devils! 🙂 I would give them to my friend, Nick, cause he’s the bomb.com and had kind of a hard week and would really appreciate a gesture like that. 🙂

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  • fattyontherun says:

    BAKED AND WIRED. They, have THE best frosting. It’s always a trek getting there, but definitely worth it. Even their “birthday cake” cupcake is delicious and that one doesn’t have frills.

    I would give the cupcakes to my squad. I go to a service academy and we’re not allowed to leave campus during the week. So basically this can be a good way drown away the pain in 1) being stuck with a school of 80% males and 20% females on V-day and 2) taking their mind off of exam week and from being away from their significant others!

  • love small businesses says:

    I think they are all great. They clearly show the entrepreneurial spirit of America. As small independent businesses they are hiring local people that need jobs! Lets hopefully consumers keep buying cupcakes and these businesses will keep expanding and hire more people!

    I would share the cupcakes with my co-workers. Everyday we work hard to support entrepreneurs across the country start and grow small businesses.
    -Shop Small

    p.s. Love the Jim Graham animated shots!

  • cupcakibou says:

    Buzz cafe!!! They have awesome gluten free cupcakes (and muffins!!) as well as delicious coffee creations! Can’t beat the cozy Old Town setting and chalk boards. I would give the cupcakes to my coworkers who make going to work so much fun and enjoyable. I have a great dedicated team that deserve deliciousness! Now its time to head to Buzz and enjoy cozy couch reading time with a good book and a great cup of coffee. GO BUZZ!!! (and a shout out to runner-up baked and wired whose iced lattes make my boyfriend swoon – its his #1 spot to go when he gets back from afghanistan!)

  • CUPCAKE_GIRL says:

    I love cupcakes, and my favorite place would have to be Red Velvet. I’m an elementary teacher, so, I would give the cupcakes to my class… But, since they would be hard to split into fourths, I would give them to the custodians at my school– the unsung heroes.

  • Cupcakesformtp says:

    Thanks for the food eye candy in this piece BYT! nom

    I’ve been to Sprinkles once or twice and they won me over with their decadent frosting & wonderful whisper word of the day.

    I would share this culinary cabaret with my 6 housemates in Mt Pleasant because we share our days, dreams, and many many epic meals together. And in that spirit life is like a box of cupcakes, right? You never know what you’re gonna get. Share the love and make your own cupcakes if you don’t win this time around!

    And as we wait to see who wins I leave you with a quote from the wise Willy Wonka who once said “the suspense is terrible…I hope it’ll last”

  • utvolslisa says:

    Baked & Wired hands down. Oh there are others that are worth the calories for sure. But Baked & Wired has *both* a perfect cake and perfect icing. Everything about their cupcakes is the classic cupcake you remember from childhood. I would give my cupcakes to my friend “H” who is always up for getting Baked & Wired with me!

  • SP says:

    My favorite DC cupcake joint is Sprinkles Cupcakes! Every cupcake is made fresh daily with only the finest ingredients. In addition to the flavors offered each week (I’ve tried all 22!), Sprinkles has a number of seasonal and off-the-menu flavors. With so many to choose from, surely there is something for everyone (dogs too! Sprinkles offers doggie cupcakes!). Fans can follow Sprinkles on Facebook and Twitter for special promotions. My favorite is their daily “whisper word”. What I love most about Sprinkles is that it is charitable cupcake bakery. They donate leftovers to food banks and contribute proceeds from their charitable cupcakes to worthy causes such as cancer research and humanitarian aid. Cupcakes for a cause! If I were to win the giveaway, I would follow in Sprinkles’ footsteps and share the wealth. My boyfriend and I would probably sample a few from the other bakeries and distribute the rest to the less fortunate. Making the world a better place… one cupcake at a time!

  • cupcakemysoul says:

    cupcake haiku

    sugary sweet yums
    strawberry, karen’s birthday
    mmmm. baked and wired

    and i would share them with my amazing coworkers because we’ll all be together at work on valentine’s day and already share the love for the best cupcakes in DC at B&W!

    • Euphoria says:

      – Really? I’ve never had a bad Misha’s cupcake in 5 years and evenoyre in the office gets excited when they see me walk in with the white box. I’m happily stuck on them. I’ll be sure to try CloudNine one of these days though! Thanks!

  • houseofhobo says:

    red velvet cupcakes are a work of art.

    i would give them to myself because v-day is the loneliest time of year.

  • shoesieQ says:

    My favorite cupcake place is Baked and Wired. I would give the cupcakes to my family in Rockville who rarely come into the city and don’t understand my obsession with cupcakes! Cousin John and his wine collection plus some cupcakes seems like a good reason to bring them some cupcakes (and they can make me dinner).

  • Low says:

    Baked & Wired is my favorite. No gaudy colors or gimmicks – just fluffly, moist cupcakes with perfectly-whipped, cloud-like buttercream on top. REAL STRAWBERRIES IN THE STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES. Oh, I wish I still worked in Georgetown.

    (Aside: I tried Magnolia in NYC after having the pleasure of trying B&W. Ew. No contest. I can make better cupcakes than that. Boo, hype, boo.)

    I would share them with the front desk crew and maintenance people at my apartment building. They are all super cool and deserve a surprise.

  • Bradley says:


  • April says:

    Baked and Wired is my favorite cupcake place around, partly because of their fun with words (read: Pretty Bitchin is an AWESOME name for a Peanut Butter cupcake) and partly because their delicious cupcakes recall all the church bake-offs and potlucks I went to as a kid. Which is a really good thing because, man, can midwest church grannies BAKE.

    I would of course share the cupcakes with my partner in crime, er, life since his sweet tooth is even sweeter than mine, but also with a few friends who have not yet tried B&W because everytime they go the line has been out the door. Because the cupcakes are that good. Seriously. Sometimes we go to Georgetown just to go to B&W. And maybe also Cafe La Ruche.

  • Ysheldo says:

    Hello cupcake because Velvet Elvis is amazing! I would give cupcakes to my wife (obv) and her law school friends becaues they are all still unemployed.

  • Hello, is it me you're looking for? says:

    My favorite cupcake place is HELLO CUPCAKE because they are FLAVORFUL AND FUN. I would SHARE the cupcakes (not GIVE, I want some for myself!) with my office mate, who puts up with my craziness on a daily basis.

  • mememe says:

    Baked & Wired is the best, but involves getting to Georgetown so my vote is the much under-appreciated Sweet Lobby. Firstly because the cupcakes are amazing, but secondly because you can gorge on macarons at the same time.

    I would give them to my boyfriend since me and his stomach chub have something special going on.

  • sofiaaa says:

    I LOVE Baked and Wired!!! I’d give the cupcakes to my dad because my dad never seems to find Baked and Wired when he goes on his cupcake adventures (yes, he goes on such adventures with a little six year old at hand). THAT would be the perfect Valentine’s Day present for the man who always gives me chocolates every Valentine’s Day since I was 4. It may not be the best, but it’s close.

  • rubberducky says:

    Curbside Cupcake has a special place for me because they were my first… I was late to the cupcake party, but I am now a loyal fan… Mo would get my cupcakes if we won because she is my best friend and makes everyday better…

  • JNL says:

    My office has Sprinkles cupcakes for every birthday, event, happy hour, and excuse they can make up to order some Sprinkles cupcakes. But, and don’t tell them this, I also cheat on Sprinkles with Red Velvet and Sticky Fingers. I’m an equal opportunity cupcake enthusiast.

    However, if I had to chose just one it would be Sprinkles so I can share the love with my chosen family – co-workers, friends, and other equal opportunity cupcake eaters.

  • broseidon lord of the Brocean says:

    Sticky Fingers hands down because they make vegan a total moot point.

    I’d give them to my mom because she carried my ass in her uterus for 9 months (that, and I’m too broke to have any other lady in my life this V-day)…

  • LandBeforeTime says:

    Red Velvet. The long reason – On our first date back in good ol’ 2010, my girlfriend and I went to a dinner around the corner from Red Velvet that went horribly wrong. Instead of hitting the panic button, we picked up a bottle of wine and a box of red velvet cupcakes, walked over to the Washington Monument, and chowed down on the cupcakes with White House as the backdrop.

    The short reason – Red Velvet has AWESOME cupcakes.

    And I’d give them to her of course, what better gift to go with everything else on Valentine’s Day.

    Happy Friday!

    PS Jim Graham, what a jolly fella

  • AJS says:

    Best cupcakes in DC – Red Velvet Cupcakery in Penn Quarter, without a doubt. There’s never much of a line (at least when I’ve been there) like the overhyped and overpriced Georgetown Cupcake, very convenient location, and there’s a GroupOn for there every once in a while too!

    I’d give a 1/2 dozen cupcakes to my fiancee for Valentine’s Day, of course! Why? Because if she found out I won a free 1/2 dozen cupcakes from Red Velvet and I didn’t give them to her, I’m not sure I’d be alive for the actual wedding.

  • cupcakecreepin says:

    My favorite cupcake place is Red Velvet because they are the sexiest (and closest to my work). Also, delicious. I would give these sweet (literally and figuratively) cupcakes to my best friend who just graduated from grad school and is now looking for a job. I would make her share these cupcakes with me while sharing a bottle of wine and cheers-ing to our lifelong friendship and general awesomeness. And, of course, to cupcakes.

  • Melinda says:

    My favorite cupcake place in DC is Sprinkles (I’m a California transplant). I would take the cupcakes to my office. My first day is the 13th, and Sprinkles would be a wonderful way to get on everyone’s good side!

  • Reg says:

    I was hooked on cupcakes after visiting the in-laws in the rotten apple and eating a magnolia cupcake (they put cocaine in them i swear it). afterward i have tried every cupcake place in dc looking for my fix and only hello and baked and wired come close with crumbs a (nyc transplant) in at a close third. red velvet? blah. i work next door and will often give patrons directions to crumbs or tell them how to get to union station where they can catch the train and be @ magnolia in about 3 1/2 hours.



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    • JuanCa says:

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  • Michelle says:

    My favorite cupcake place in DC, hands-down, without a shadow of a doubt is BAKED AND WIRED. Where else can you get jumbo-sized perfectly moist cupcakes with a side of attitude from a barista in a tutu and dreads? This Valentine’s Day, I’m hitting up Hill Country with my 5 closest friends and drinking our way through The Vow – because nothing says Valentine’s Day like BBQ ribs, pink champagne, and a Channing Tatum tearjerker. A half dozen cupcakes would be the perfect nightcap and we would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win them!

  • blondie says:

    Baked and Wired. For me, these are the only cupcakes that are better than ice cream — and given my love of ice cream, that’s a tall order.

    I would NOT share these cupcakes with any of the guys I’ve been out with from OkCupid. So your profile said you’re 6′ and “fit?” I think not.

  • Tash says:

    My absolute favorite cupcakery has to be Baked & Wired….any of their flavors 🙂 I adore the creative and artistic flair of the cupcakes & their shop. ANNNNNND their beverages complement any and every cupcake they make. I love love love them!!

    I would love to give a special cupcake to all the people who made 2011 a fantastic year for me! So I might need more than one half dozen 🙂

  • yummypepero says:

    I LOVE baked and wired. It’s the place that i go with my girls when we’re in some need of some girl talk. I am new to DC and as a self-declared cupcake aficionado i was thrilled to find that DC is a huge cupcake town. However, baked and wired was the first place i was really able to bond with girls at Georgetown when we spent a whole saturday morning falling off our cushy leather seats while laughing. The dark lacquered wood walls makes for a warm atmosphere and the quirky cupcakes gives the place an airy vibe. The cupcakes are not very dessert-y but more substantial so I would feel satisfied after eating a characteristically homemade cupcake, in some amazing flavors like cocquito, peppermint patty, and smurfette! There’s also a definite charm to their walls that welcome hand-written/drawn additions to commemorate your visit!
    I would share these cupcakes with the same girlfriends that I first went there with, since we’re all single for this V-day and would definitely enjoy them over another girl-talk session!

  • Gingerdoc79 says:

    Oh no! Van N said I needed to vote instead for Baked and Wired, because a (quote) “cupcake battle to the frosting covered death!” would ensue. I think everyone would like to see hot chicks fight over cupcakes, right? Am I right?

  • Gingerdoc79 says:

    I lerv the ‘Hello Cupcake’ cupcakes mainly because every time I walk by the shop with my friend, Van N, she pushes her nose up against the glass and stares like she is looking at a litter of puppies playing with bunnies and they’re all wearing hats and/or bows. It warms my heart. Oh, and the cupcakes are good, too. As to whom I’d give them to, well dur, Van N. She MIGHT share with me, but I am willing to bet the only joy I’d receive would be watching her consume the cupcakes. Although, if you could throw a tiny bunny wearing some sort of tiny clothing in with the cupcakes, she’d be so overwhelmed with joy that she might just share one with me.

  • Shannon says:


  • Michael says:

    And just FYI, here is a map of the city’s many cupcake shops (+ bike shops, etc) mvjantzen.com/tools/bikeshops.html

  • anonymiss says:

    baked and wired, hands down. i once got there 2 minutes after closing and pressed my sad face against the glass and openly wept, freaking out the kid behind the counter who was clearly made uncomfortable by a 30+ year old woman with nothing more than cupcakes to live for. i take the fact that they have my favorite song (tame by the pixies) printed on their window as a sign that they love me too. i just moved to a new neighborhood; if i win, i will use my cupcakes to buy the goodwill of my neighbors in the petworth area.

    • Conny says:

      I just now wanted to let you know how much I aucatlly appreciate all you’ve discussed to help improve the lives of individuals in this subject matter. Through the articles, I’ve really gone from just a novice to a professional in the area. It truly is truly a gratitude to your good work. Thanks

  • DH says:

    Baked and Wired has the best ambiance though I’d have to vote Sticky Fingers in hopes that it will promote more vegan options in DC!

  • Flan says:

    Sticky Fingers is the very best ever because they are vegan and hella bad ass– reminding me of my hometown of San Francisco yet so perfectly situated in my new neighborhood. Their vintage decor and tasty sandwiches make me feel cozy and home-cooked-taken-care-of every time I pop in. There’s something vintage pin-up lingerie about the whole operation I love too… I would share my cupcakes with my older brother (and neighbor) who has helped me settle in this fine DCity and his wonderful girlfriend who has become a fast fantastic friend.

  • nomnom says:

    Red Velvet just takes the trophy for my cupcake loving heart ( and tummy). They have the most amazing cupcakes I’ve had, and they just seem to make any bad day better. Just made my self hungry thinking about them. My family and friends have been getting me these cupcakes for every occasion (birthdays, celebrations, etc), and I mean come on, who could hate that red velvet cupcake?

    I would give the cupcakes to my eight year old sister. With the age difference (almost 12 years), one of the few things we agree on and bond over is that we both just fall heads over heels for Red Velvet cupcakes (and love trying to bake a substitute whenever we can’t go out and get some cupcakes). Poor thing got a sugar addiction from the first time I took her there, and can’t seem to have enough of them.

  • Shauna Shauna says:

    This is…… AMAZING

  • js says:

    Baked & Wired is the best cupcake place in DC and the ONLY acceptable place to take out-of-towners, who invariably want to be idiotic and stand in line at GTown cupcake. Everyone I’ve taken there quickly finds out why this local treasure SHOULD have the line down the block (but I’m glad it doesn’t.) B&W is one of the few places that actually pays attention the how the cake TASTES. And the handwrapped cupcake paper is always a nice, personal touch. A half dozen cupcakes would be more than enough to cheer up my coworkers, who have been craving these for weeks!

  • Beth i says:

    I never thought it could be possible but after having lived with a Georgetown cupcake employee this past summer, cupcakes have lost some of their luster. While I enjoyed the free cupcakes my roommate brought home on a weekly basis, I grew tired of the monotony of the flavors. Because of this, Baked and Wired has won over my cupcake heart. Not only are the cupcakes bigger, but there are more interesting flavors, These cupcakes taste more like a treat and they are great for scarfing down with one of Baked and Wired’s hot coffee drinks. At the coffee shop, I can have my cake and eat too.

  • Cupcakejesus says:

    baked and wired is superior because of the amazing flavors (hello bacon on a cupcake) and the adorable boys who guide the sugary porkiness to my happily awaiting belly (not literally…yet)!!

    I would share them with my lovah as well as my best friend (rough year(s) for us recent law school grads) who needs the delicious embrace of home made butter cream in her life.

    The leftovers will be distributed, robin-hood style (or Omar-style, as he is awesome and robin-hoodesque…emphasis on the hood).

  • Chimichurri says:

    Hello Cupcake is my favorite!!! Their cupcakes are ultra yummy and it is on my regular route to work…convenient and tasty = winning combo!

    I would share with my lovie (husband), monkeys (kids), and donkeys (boss/co-workers)! Why? Because cupcakes are little bites of goodness that make everyone happy!

  • Toni Tileva Miss T says:

    Baked and Wired and I would give them to all of my friends because I get by with a little help from my friends.