DC’s Best Cupcakes (for Valentine’s Day) + A GIVEAWAY
Dakota | Feb 10, 2012 | 9:00AM |

As you may have seen this week, we’ve gone a little bit Valentine’s Day crazy on BYT – but that’s ok. And since Valentine’s Day may as well be NATIONAL CUPCAKE DAY we decided early on, while planning our romantic coverage for this week, that we HAD TO DO A CUPCAKE STORY (and giveaway). Had to. So…

The idea was simple enough:

  • Go to all of our favorite cupcake haunts in DC: BAKED & WIRED, STICKY FINGERS, RED VELVET, HELLO CUPCAKE , SPRINKLES (and a BUZZ BAKERY addendum)
  • Find out what their Valentine’s day special cupcakes are
  • photograph them/round them up for the most eye/mouth watering Valentine’s day cupcake round-up you’ll EVER READ/SALIVATE OVER
  • have Jim Graham,  DC Councilmember (Ward 1), bow tie enthusiast and past BYT photoshoot star taste test them – just because
  • and then we’d GIVE AWAY HALF A DOZEN OF THESE VALENTINE’S DAY CUPCAKES from each bakery TO YOU FAIR BYT READERS, ready for pick up on Monday (rules how to enter are at the bottom of the post so hang in there)

What it did involve was: Dakota’s car being permanently covered in frosting as he jetted around town with dozens of cupcakes in his back seat, crashing a DC Council meeting, Jim Graham having a chocolate allergy so Neil Stanley from the Youth Rehabilitation Program (who happened to be in that meeting we crashed) stepping in to taste the chocolatiest flavors and all of us, over here at BYT, overdosing on sugar in the name of research. But it was worth it.


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>>>>>>>>>>>> Ok, back to the article! >>>>>>>>>>>>

all photos: DAKOTA FINE


  • Where you can find them: in Dupont at 1361 Connecticut Ave NW, 20036 and on Capitol Holl  705 8th St SE, 20003
  • What the Valentine’s day special IS: Date night cupcake decorating class on Valentines Day at the Capitol Hill location
  • What did Jim Graham and Neil Stanley say about them: the white chocolate covered strawberry on top of the chocolate ganache makes it hands down most luxurious Valentine’s Day special of them all.  AND the one with the potato chip (!) was the chocolate favorite of the bunch: a perfect mix of crunchy and soft, and sweet and salty.
  • What # do I call to order this goodness: (202) 861-2253 Dupont and (202) 544-2210 Capitol Hill



DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-103 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-104 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-105 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-106


  • Where you can find them: 1370 Park Rd NW, 20010
  • What the Valentine’s day special IS: Only DC bakery to get vegan cupcakes for your sweetie. The fact that they made them with champagne makes it THAT MUCH BETTER.
  • What did Jim Graham say about them: Mmmmm, Ward 1 has delicious cupcakes. Maybe we can go dancing after I have this one?
  • What number do I call to order this goodness: (202) 299-9700


DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-107 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-108

DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-109 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-110 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-111 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-112


  • Where you can find them: 3015 M St NW, 20007
  • What the Valentine’s day special IS: XOX Box. Topped with sugar heart and XOX decorations. Comes with red velvet, chocolate marshmallow, dark chocolate, and vanilla. Gift box for $49, or regular box of XOX cupcakes for $39.
  • What did Jim Graham say about them: The frosting is so thick and rich, I don’t even know where to start with this. So perfect and pretty too.
  • What number do I call to order this goodness? (202) 450 1610


DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-113 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-114

DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-115 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-116 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-117 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-118 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-119


  • Where you can find them: 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, 20007
  • What the Valentine’s day special IS: Heart shaped everything, BIG ASS and little ass cookies, festive latte art and festive cakecups
  • What did Jim Graham say about them: There’s only one thing to say here: their non-chocolate flavors were the hands down taste test winner here. Well done, Baked & Wired.
  • What number do I call to order this goodness: (202) 333-2500


DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-120 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-121

DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-122 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-123 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-124 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-125 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-126 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-127


  • Where you can find them: 501 7th Street NW, 20004
  • What the Valentine’s day special IS: every cupcake is a red velvet Valentine’s day special
  • What did Jim Graham say about them: the simple red velvet cake with the cream cheese frosting was the non-flashy favorite. We could eat these all the time.
  • What number do I call to order this goodness: (202) 347-7895


DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-128 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-129

DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-130 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-131 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-132


DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-133 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-134 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-135 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-136 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-137 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-138 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-139 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-140 DF12_2.8_CupcakeBYT-141

ADDENDUM: we really WANTED TO include BUZZ BAKERY in this round up (love that place) too but their Valentine’s Day cupcake were not quite ready in time for our shoot. STILL, they are now and they just sent us this photo of their CONVERSATION HEARTS CUPCAKES, so we’re dropping them in here as well: ADORABLE


Leave us a comment telling us which is your favorite cupcake place in DC and WHO would you give the cupcakes to and WHY and we’ll notify the winners by Sunday, February 12th.

Sounds good? GOOD.