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We’re always thinking about you. After all, we share so many interests: good music, delicious food, and drinks – especially drinks. (So many drinks.) We know you like imbibing various alcoholic beverages outdoors as much as we do, so we don’t like to think about you missing out on an awesome outdoor drinking experience just because it’s ridiculously cold right now. As a seasonal counterpart to our spring/summer outdoor drinking guide, we give you BYT’s Winter Outdoor Drinking Guide! All the fire pits, heat lamps, and cozy blankets your frosty little heart desires, right at your fingertips. Here’s the low down on all things warm and boozy.


  • 1905 9th St NW

The home of our Beaujolais Nouveau Party also has one of our favorite roof decks. Thanks to their heat lamps, we’re on 9th Street more than we probably should be on 9th Street.



  • 523 8th St SE

This Eastern Market gem is the only place you can devour Balkan cuisine while also enjoying a beverage outdoors.

Art and Soul

  • 415 New Jersey Ave NW

Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel’s bar has a cocktail menu that changes about four times a year. Go drink in this season’s flavors by the light (and heat) of their large patio fire pit.


Barcelona Wine Bar

  • 1622 14th Street NW

A newly opened wine bar in the perennially popular Logan Circle, Barcelona has it all: heat lamps, blankets, and a gargantuan outdoor fireplace. They also have over 40 types of wine and 40 tapas plates. (Clearly this is a sign that you should pair every small plate you order with at least one glass of wine.)


Biergarten Haus

  • 1355 H St NE

With a deceptively small indoor bar and a sprawling back patio on H Street, Biergarten Haus offers a wide selection of German beers on tap. The semi-enclosed patio is full of heat lamps and communal picnic tables, so snuggle up to your fellow patrons for warmth.


Boundary Stone Public House

  • 116 Rhode Island Ave NW

Boundary Stone is an unpretentious Bloomingdale bar with an enclosed outdoor patio space, which is open throughout the winter. They have a ton of whiskey options sure to heat you up from the inside.

Bourbon Steak

  • 2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW

An American restaurant. Georgetown. Steak. Fire pits. America. Impress the parents; impress a date; anger a vegan – Bourbon has everything!

The Brixton

  • 901 U St NW

Directly across the street from Nellie’s on U Street, The Brixton offers a large heated rooftop and a mouth-watering combination of British pub favorites and generous pours in a more subdued atmosphere. They also occasionally have live music!


  • 1940 9th St NW

Nestled snugly between Shaw and the U Street corridor, DC9’s enclosed and gas-heated rooftop is the place to go if you want to drink and dance in a semi-outdoor setting on a brisk evening.

DC Reynolds

  • 3628 Georgia Ave NW

This Petworth favorite has heat lamps on their backyard fence as well as freestanding lamps around the patio, so you’re guaranteed to be toasty in more than one way while you sample their great local beer selections. There’s a good reason they made it onto our Least Douchey Bars in DC roundup.


El Centro

  • 1819 14th St NW
  • 1218 Wisconsin Ave NW

The U Street location has a rooftop bar. The Georgetown location has an outdoor bar and patio with a fire pit. Both have excellent cocktails and crowds. Get there early to enjoy happy hour.


El Rey

  • 919 U St NW

We did a First Look & Taste Test for this brand spankin’ new 14th street restaurant, which you can read about here. Go enjoy tacos and margaritas in their heated and enclosed back patio, which has a retractable roof, before they open it up to the sky for summer!


Farmers Fishers Bakers

  • 3000 K Street NW

Tucked out of the way in the Foggy Bottom area, Farmers Fishers Bakers offers chilly patrons a heated patio, a rotating selection of seasonal snacks and drinks, and 24 beers on tap. Have at least two of those things.

J&G Steakhouse

  • 515 15th St NW

Eat delicious meat and drink delicious drinks downtown this winter while gazing at some of the most iconic buildings in the world in the warm glow of J&G’s heat lamps.


Little Miss Whiskey’s Golden Dollar

  • 1104 H St NE

A dark and delightful H Street favorite, LMW keeps their eclectically decorated backyard patio balmy with gas heaters in the winter months. Grab yourself an Awesomeness from the bar and get comfortable on the edge of the backyard bath tub.

Looking Glass Lounge

  • 3634 Georgia Ave NW

The back patio of the Looking Glass in Petworth features heat lamps and, if that isn’t enough warmth for you, walls!


  • 2007 14th Street, NW

If it’s rainy/snowy/ugly outside on 14th street, check out Marvin’s rooftop. If it’s sunny/not-too-cold, claim a spot near the edge of the roof. Marvin is likely to be busy. Get ready to throw some bows.


Masa 14

  • 1825 14th St NW

If you can’t get a table on El Centro’s 14th street roof, try Masa 14’s across the street. You probably still won’t be able to get a table, but at least you can still get drunk in comfort.



  • 1901 14th St NW

Some of the best fire pits off 14th Street. We recommend hitting up Saint-Ex’s happy hour and then hopping across to Matchbox to warm your frozen extremities.

Nellie’s Sports Bar

  • 900 U St NW

Oh, Nellie’s, our favorite U Street corridor gay sports bar. The rooftop has long been a popular gathering place for football fans – there are wide screens everywhere. Heat lamps and a tent keep patrons snug in the colder months.


Poste Brasserie

  • 555 8th St NW

This Penn Quarter establishment offers a huge back patio area with multiple fire pits, all of which are ringed by comfortable chairs. Settle into a seat and pair your beverage with some of their delicious truffle fries.



  • 515 15th St NW

Distract your visiting family with majestic view of the White House, the Washington Monument, and other landmarks while you take advantage of downtown P.O.V.’s rooftop heat lamps and calming alcoholic beverages.

The Queen Vic

  • 1206 H St NE

H Street’s favorite British pub, the Vic boasts an enclosed, heated back patio with a large TV for watching soccer matches and putting back pints. They have fantastic food and a wide variety of hot totties; what you get depends on which bartender you ask. All versions are extremely effective.

Rock and Roll Hotel

  • 1353 H Street NE

While it’s H Street’s premiere concert venue on the lower floors, Rock and Roll Hotel also has a spacious rooftop that provides a break from the usually loud, vibrant scene below. Heat lamps will ensure that you’re insulated from the cold as you order a drink from the rooftop bar.


Room 11

  • 3234 11th St NW

A tiny, unassuming Columbia Heights coffee shop/wine bar, Room 11 offers a delicious array of baked goods and small plates as well as a fantastic specialty cocktail and wine selection for you to savor. Toast your feet by their fire pit and wrap yourself in one of their comfy blankets.


Satellite Room

  • 2047 9th St NW

This U Street bar’s covered and heated outdoor bar area offers 9:30 Club concert-goers a brief respite from the chaos that is the dance floor on busy nights. Belly up to Satellite’s outdoor bar and grab yourself one of their 10 alcoholic milkshakes while shaking your fist at Mother Nature in defiance.


These are our favorites – tell us about yours in the comments below!