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So, we’ve decided to make it a habit to post new local videos. (especially after the “raging” success of our Video Music Awards). I am calling it a weekly because I actually have a video to post for next week as well, but after that IT IS UP TO YOU TO SEND THEM TO US.
So, if you’re in a band, and you have a video-mail it.
And if you’re in a band and you don’t have a video-make it. Then mail it.

Anyhoo, we kick off with No Second Troy, a local band named after a William Butler Yeats poem (read here) that plays polished and layered indie rock that is as “ready for the big time as anything you’ll hear (the Post said this, we just quoted) and has been gaining buzz through everything from SPIN to Village Voice and beyond.

Long story short, they’re good. They’re gonna hit it big. You should get on the wagon while its still here.

And they have a new stop motion video out done by Brent Green of Nervous films, who has done videos for Califone among others.
Its pretty jazzy, so check it out:

To boot, the band is playing a video release show at Iota this Saturday, and will also be taking the Cat’s mainstage on Nov. 2nd with the Sketches. So-look out.