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  • Fatima says:

    My husband want very much to phsaucre 2 females (sisters?). We have 12 fenced wooded acres with a pond. We are in the process of putting together a hobby farm. We read about the scotch collie in the Countryside magazine. I had 2 rough collies growing up and loved them dearly. We want to have chickens definitely and later a milk cow and a pig or two. The scotch collie sounds like the perfect dog for our needs. We have a 10 year old lab and and a 10 year old golden retriever/husky mix. She was diagnosed with diabetes a month ago and is already almost completely blind. We would love to own these dogs. We have already had one breeder tell us they preferred to sell dogs only to someone who wants to breed them. We would not be able to do that. Please let me know if you would have puppies avalilable for us in the near future. Thank you so much!! Melody Stanley, Fair Grove, Missouri