We promised we would bring you  DC’s street style weekly, and as you know us we keep our promises! It’s almost Friday and if the weather keeps on shining as it has this past few days, we will be happy chaps, and our posts will have more spring looks by DC’s favorite lady bloggers. Enjoy the outfits they bring us this week, and remember to check out their personal style on their blogs, promise you will be inspired.


If you can’t tell already from twitter, I am totally rooting for Spring to arrive sooner than later! FYI: 4 days till DST & 13 days till Spring! So I was in a Spring mood this past weekend and decided to show it in my outfit.
Bright colors always remind me of spring and I added stripes to break up the look a little bit. One of these days, I will be brave enough to add several patterns into the mix!

What she’s wearing:

  • Banana Republic XSP trench coat (recent in-store only)
  • Express yellow cardigan
  • Forever 21 skirt
  • H&M blouse
  • Steve Madden nude pumps
  • BCBG bag
  • Fornash and jewelmint bracelets
  • Morgan Ashleigh necklace


“Color blocking has been huge last year and it looks like it will continue to stay as it was recently seen on the runways for Fall 2012. One of the color palettes I’ve recently been attracted to is yellow and blue. I love seeing those two colors together because both are so bold and vibrant. Since today’s outfit focuses on just those two colors, I wanted to tone it down with a basic black blazer.”


Ask and you shall receive; in the comments last week, a reader lamented that there were no photos of men, so I’m here to deliver in force. I love men, and by that I mean I love photographing men who love pocket squares and vintage work boots and sharp suits and slightly nerdy glasses (I love men for other reasons too, but this is the bit that’s relevant to you all). I love photographing menswear because of the attention to detail; truly stylish men can expound upon the cut of their shirt or the heritage of their boots for HOURS. Trust me, I’m subjected to this constantly since I love men so much that I photograph them all the time. And I’m here to tell you that DC men GEEK OUT over their style way, way more than women. What’s that? You’d like to discuss zippers? Of course you would, sir. Of course you would.


Singer/Songwriter Billy Winn, was all about some major leather accenting, turning heads with large statement pieces, by Stella & Dot.

Everyone seemed to be clutching their bag this season, featuring neon, plum, and metal detailing.

Fashion Week guest, Michelle, making a statement in studded high, high heels.

Erika, sporting an adorable leopard print headband, sold by one of the international vendors at DC Fashion Week’s International Couture Collections show on Sunday, February 26th.