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All photos: Britt Elyse Nelson


As the weather gets colder, we’re always interested to see just how D.C. bundles up and while we see much of our fine city piling on the pea coats (always classic), this week we saw some phenomenal scarves and textural pairings on these District streets. Take a look at what caught our eye…


IMG_0198    IMG_0197

Had to stop this girl! We loved that fact that here it was the middle of the winter and yet she still found a way to incorporate summer colors and pieces to make such an effortlessly cool winter outfit.


IMG_0237   IMG_0236

The man in the army pants! We loved this guy’s style…way to successfully bring the army fatigue trend into 2013 by pairing it with something other than super basic pieces!


IMG_0202 2   IMG_0201 2

The complexity of her outfit really showed this girl had some serious style. Each layer really complimented the next!


 IMG_0229   IMG_0226

Had to stop her! Her outfit was so elegant and chic! Her jacket was also truly a one of a kind peice and we loved how she paired it with a bright red dress to add that perfect pop of color.



IMG_0255    IMG_0256

In the District the colors this lovely lady has on are virtually non existent during the winter season. Can’t forget her awesome pink tights and floral print heels.


IMG_0242    IMG_0241

Loved this guy’s ensemble it really bought out the colors of his Pendleton style shirt! Can’t forget the super chic glasses as well.



Kudos to this stylish young man. Glad to see another male besides Kanye with the capability to pull off leather pants!