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Look no further here are the latest trends our DC bloggers have chosen to wear, prints, colors, ombre jackets, and fun accessories! Get ideas for this weekend’s outfits and brighten up your look with colors and prints. Don’t forget to check out their blogs where you can get more inspiration! (Oh and if you are a street style blogger and would like to participate in these let us know, email [email protected]).


I am a huge fan of HBO’s Sex and the City and there was a particular outfit that Carrie wore with a powder blue trench coat over red pants that I couldn’t find an image. However, it seemed that Patricia Field loved to dress Carrie in similar color combos throughout the whole show. I love this particular color combo and it was exactly what I had in mind when I paired this outfit together. I also wanted to dabble into my first time mixing prints within an outfit. Having this light sky blue gingham over apple-printed bottom was just the right sublty of mixing prints and my baby steps of embracing the style.


When it came to picking an outfit for the Lucky FABB conference, I knew I wanted something that I was going to feel like myself in. And as I’ve mentioned before, that usually consists of a blazer, blouse and a pair of jeans. To keep it interesting, I opted for an all white look with this amazing ombré blazer that I’d been obsessing over ever since I saw it on ASOS.com a couple months ago.


I’ve been wearing these mint pants I bought recently at H&M lately and am having a major lovefest with them. I know that the color mint is huge this season but I didn’t realize how versatile they could be until I started experimenting with different pairings. I have another outfit coming up soon that involves these mint pants so please stay tuned=)