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Staycations in hotels are inherently luxuries. But sometimes you want to get away and don’t have the time to actually get away. This is the guide for those times. Whether you’re looking for a boutique down the street or are trying to avoid your visiting family, we have a suggestion on where to have a second D.C. area residence for one night. From where to stay to what to eat, what to do to what to drink, here’s your D.C. Staycation Guide.

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For the Couple that Wants to Live Like the Obamas

Stay: The Line has been open for less than two years but is already the de facto you-must-stay-here D.C. hotel. It helps that the Obamas ate there before it officially opened. It helps that the outside blends well into the neighborhood. It helps that the lobby is a defacto neighborhood meetup spot with a coffee shop and radio station to boot. It helps that the rooms feature unique decor that doesn’t seem like it’s trying to be hip or cutting edge or of the moment. It’s set the standard for what boutique hotels are trying to be.

Eat & Drink: Plan ahead and make a reservation for A Rake’s Progress or Brothers & Sisters. If you don’t have a reservation, your second best bet is happy hour at A Rake’s Progress. Due to the stained glass, it has one of the best sunsets in the District. But if you’re looking for something outside the hotel, consider Korean street food at Bul and drinks at Middle Eastern cocktail bar The Green Zone. Adams Morgan has a plethora of great dining options but for a staycation, try to expand your palate without leaving the block.

Do: The Smithsonian National Zoo is the best Smithsonian Institution because it’s a conservation zoo and you can see lions and bears and otters for free. We don’t need to sell you on the zoo.

For those that shun The Line, if you can afford to, stay at The Line. It has lived up to the hype. If your wallet is thin, attend an event at The Line. Most are free and if you’re not sure if it’s for you, just look at our coverage of the recent Pow Wow! event that took over the first two floors of 1770 Euclid St NW. -B.W.

POW WOW DC Secret Walls-006-5649

For the Person Who Can’t Get Over the VEEP Finale

Stay: Seven seasons later and the story of Selina Meyer (and her cadre of colorful friends / enemies) is over. HBO might have done you dirty by ending VEEP and Game of Thrones in the same month, but you can act like nothing has changed at the Hamilton Hotel’s VEEP suite. Outfitted with more Selina Meyer references than you thought was possible, the suite feels surreal and deeply luxurious at the same time. There are family photos on the desk, real (and fake) Meyer penned books in the living room and a wonderfully placed “New. Selina. Now.” poster above the toilet. It’s weird in all the right ways.

Eat & Drink: A quick 10 minute jaunt away from the fever dream that is the VEEP suite, you’ll find one of the finest (and also the only) Georgian restaurant in D.C. Supra walks the line between fancy and casual the same way it walks the line between approachable and exciting. If you want to wear flip flops and drink rosé, they certainly won’t kick you out, but you’ll have a better time if you treat it like a nice night out and spring for a bottle of orange wine. The khachapuri is a good excuse to eat more cheese than the human body can handle at one time, but the tasting board is absolutely necessary. Packed with a variety of spread and breads, it’s just like the meals you cobble together from different hummuses when you realize you forgot to go grocery shopping and you’re too tired to try… but much nicer and also 100 times more delicious.

Do: While you’re hanging out in this part of town, it’s a good time to ask yourself, have you ever been to the National Geographic museum sober? You might have tripped through the “Queens of Egypt” exhibition after drinking too many Heineken Lights at the last BYT party, but did you actually take the time to learn the secrets of Nefertiti, Nefertari and Cleopatra? Go back and enjoy the beautiful grounds and the fascinating exhibits in a new light. You might even learn something.

A stay at the Hamilton Hotel is a delicious excuse to dig into your worst and best impulses. You can stay inside the suite and start re-watching all of VEEP (they have almost every season available for you to peruse) or you can get outside and try some new things. It’s all up to you. -K.D.

For the Person Who Actually Likes Living In D.C.

Stay: If you’re looking to stumble off of 14th Street and straight into some high thread count sheets, you’ve found the right hotel. Kimpton’s Mason & Rook is perfectly situated on 14th and Rhode Island Avenue, making it a short walk to some of the best dining and drinking in the city. This isn’t a getaway from the District… If you’re looking to pretend you’re not in D.C. any more, Mason & Rook isn’t the hotel for you, but if you want to pretend you’re much wealthier than you are in D.C., you’re going to have a great time here. The Logan Circle views are gorgeous, but if you’re able to score a room with a tub, you’ll also have the luxury of kicking back with a bottle of wine as you watch the city move around you.

Eat & Drink: You’re less than a block away from Birch & Barley (or Churchkey). You’re two blocks away from Estadio. Three blocks away from Le Diplomate. Four from Barcelona. If you really want to treat your trip like a vacation, you’ll bounce from spot to spot, tasting everything the 14th Street corridor has to offer. Kick this culinary adventure off (or end it) with a quick bite (and a cocktail) at Kimpton’s very own Radiator. You can’t go wrong with the addicting croquetas stuffed with serrano ham and fontina or the succulent Rad Burger. For drinks, go with the There Will Be Blood if you’re looking for something to start your vacation right. If you’re winding down the night, Let’s Take It Back to the Classics (which is a long way of saying Old Fashioned) will help you end things on a high note.

Do: Once again, the killer location makes it easy to get out and do something. Catch a show at Studio Theatre (we recommend the deeply creepy show The Children), check out the art at Long View Gallery, treat yourself to a flat file at Transformer or finally keep that promise to your middle school self and learn how to skate at the Shaw Skate Park. No matter what you’re into, there is something within walking distance that will scratch that itch. Or you could do what I would do and just keep eating and drinking. Either way.

Mason & Rook’s delightfully mid-century modern hotel rooms might make you feel like you’ve moved straight into a West Elm catalogue, but they won’t make you feel like you’ve left the city limits. This staycation is for someone who loves D.C., who doesn’t want to leave, even if they can. -K.D.

For the Person that Wants to Stay Calm on K Street

Stay: Eaton DC is a lot of things. First and foremost it’s a hotel, a really nice boutique hotel on a street you wouldn’t expect a boutique hotel. It’s home of one of the best rooftop bars in the city (Wild Days). It’s a co-working space. It’s also a meeting space and a radio station and a movie theater and features a hidden bar and does culturally progressive programming and every day there’s a new reason to visit K Street. It’s a lot. But we’re recommending it for a calming experience. Stay with us.

Eat & Drink: Chef Tim Ma’s American Son is a breakfast, lunch and dinner recommendation we have no trouble giving. We previously enjoyed his food at Kyirisan and American Son also delivers. Whether you’re solo or there on a business meeting, it’s a pleasant place to spend a long meal.

An even more pleasant place to spend some time is the not exactly hidden, but not easy to find, Allegory, a bar hidden in a library in a lobby in a hotel in K Street. Allegory is dark. Dark as in low lighting. It definitely sets a dramatic mood. This is a place to begin or end your night with your date.


Do: We’re recommending to not leave 1201 K St NW for the duration of your staycation. The Eaton Wellness area is ideal for the person that does yoga and embraces meditation and is curious about infrared saunas. Some people won’t want to consume vacation level calories at American Son and not imbibe at Allegory. For them, there are Eaton Wellness’ vegetable forward detox food and beverage offerings. For someone like me, someone that wants to embrace the indulgent but also wants a body that won’t break down when you bend down, yoga the morning after dinners and drinks is ideal.

Eaton stands out on K Street and in D.C. as a whole. If you’re looking for a break, both mentally and physically (and spiritually if that’s your bag (they offer crystal healing!)) from the most notorious street in D.C., Eaton is your new new age destination. -B.W.

For the Couple That Needs To Workout No Matter How Much They Need A Staycation

Stay: The Fairmont Hotel has been around for a minute. It’s gone through a few renovations and also owners, hence its the traditional, not too crazy, but welcoming and sophisticated feel. Yet, the real gem lays a few floors from the lobby. Enter Balance gym.

The hotel is the perfect place for those who want to relax without neglecting their beach body; those who need a break, but not from their CrossFit classes, those who want to kick off their shoes, but continue their kickboxing routine. In all honesty, you might want to book a room just to get to check out their amazing gym.

Sure, you can go, check it out and do the reps just like ‘Frank the Tank’, back at your local YMCA told you, but for those of you who want to step it out a notch, Balance Gym offers actual classes in almost every exercise category you can think about.

Missing your Peloton bike? No problem, they’ve got you covered with their Balance ride class. Always wanted to try those famous stripper moves you saw Demi Moore do back in 1996? They have pole dancing as a workout option. Perhaps you are healing from a recent ankle injury and your doctor recommended low-impact exercise? Balance core class has a space with your name on it. Maybe you’re thinking, “But it’s too hot, I don’t want to sweat all day.” Well, fret no more, they also offer aquatic workouts. They even have classes for the hardcore CrossFit disciples among us. There’s also a sauna and hot tub for those who live for the extra sweat.

Needless to say, if you can’t live without your daily workout routine, this is the hotel for you.

Eat & Drink: The hotel has its own restaurant, Juniper, which offers one of the best crab cakes in the district. Yet, the real MVP is The Beetini, a signature Fairmont drink which is offered throughout different locations at the hotel. What’s most enticing about The Beetini is that it includes honeycombs that come straight from Fairmont’s own pollinator bee hotel, located on the rooftop. Shahan Miah, Fairmont’s chief beekeeper, collects the honey from the beehives on the regular. Besides The Beetini, the honey is also used in the hotel’s honey jalapeño butter, which comes with the cornbread.

If you fancy exploring the area, there’s plenty of other options: from José Andrés’ America Eats Tavern, Stachhowski’s Market which serves humongous and delicious sandwiches, il Canale for some authentic Italian food including wood-fired oven pizza, to Baked and Wired for some ridiculously tasty desserts.

Do: Being at the heart of Georgetown comes with plenty of ideal activities that offer everything your heart desires. Love nature and open-air spaces? Take at look at Dumbarton Oaks. Wanna wear that fancy dress or suit you had collecting dust while enjoying some quality art? Take a look and one of the many events happening at the Kennedy Center or for free entertainment, stop by at 6 p.m. and make your way to the Millennium Stage. Wanna burn some extra calories or just take a nap while cruising on the Potomac? Head to Boating in DC at Key Bridge Boathouse and rent a canoe, kayak or paddleboat. -A.G.

For the Person Who Wants to Like Georgetown

Stay: The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown made me legitimately like Georgetown, a neighborhood I’ve stayed away from since moving to D.C. It’s the most tourist trap-y neighborhood in D.C. It features the slowest groups of people walking slowly on a crowded street. For years it had the only Apple Store in the District, making it an unfortunate trap for most everyone on the BYT staff. But it’s also a gorgeous area with great restaurants that I tend to avoid because of all those tourists. Well, guess what? When you’re on a staycation, you’re a tourist! And you will be hard pressed to find a hotel that you’ll ever want to leave than the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown.

Go to the Ritz for the reputation, go back for the service. Incredibly attentive without going overboard. You will feel like you’re on vacation. Which is the entire point of this thing.

Eat: You’re not going to want to leave your room. But let’s say you must. We like Dyllan’s Raw Bar Grill. We called it your new Georgetown hideaway when it opened last year. If the bugs aren’t too bite-y, enjoy an evening sitting by the waterfront, eating seafood.

Dyllans Raw Bar and Grill-1

If you prefer to get back to your room as soon as possible, you can’t go wrong with Moby Dick House of Kabob. There’s something wonderful about going super high end at the Ritz and eating one dollar sign Middle Eastern food.

Do: You’re not going to want to leave your room. If you must in order to justify the staycation, run on the canal if you want to get your heart rate up. Or shop at H&M because it’s the only H&M in the area with a home section. Did you know H&M has a home section? It’s actually well curated and reasonably priced. It’ll make you want to decorate. So will the CB2 across the street. Planning home decor is much better when you get to go back to a room at the Ritz.

Remember how we said staycations are luxuries? If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it all the way. The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown is doing a staycation all the way. -B.W.

For the All-American Family

Stay: Sometimes it’s easier to spend time with your family not in your house. If you’re part of an all-American, red blooded family that likes all-American activities and red meat, we like the Capital Hilton. Extremely close to The White House (fun fact: nothing lasts forever and regardless of your feelings on the current administration, some people want to visit The White House regardless of the temporary office holder), it’s difficult to have a better location for the family attempting to check off the must visits on their D.C. bucket list.

Eat: We’ve enjoyed many all-American meals at RARE Steakhouse. Around the corner from the hotel, it’s an easy walk to a restaurant that should please red meat eaters and vegans. Yes, there are vegan options on the menu. In fact, the less red meat you eat, the more you’ll enjoy it when you do eat it. Read our piece, “A Steakhouse Chef on Why You Should Eat Less Beef.”

RARE Steak and Seafood-22

Do: The White House Historical Association is a non-profit organization enhancing understanding of the White House. Located in view of The White House on Lafayette Square, it’s as close as you can get to a bi-partisan learning experience about a polarizing address. If you need a break from politics, you don’t need to leave the block. The Renwick is beloved Smithsonian Institution. We like their current exhibit, Connections: Contemporary Craft at the Renwick Gallery.

A stay at the Capital Hilton is great for either escaping your family or staying with your family not in your own house. You may need a neutral location after a day of tourism based around The White House. -B.W.

For the Couple Registering for their Wedding or Baby Shower

Stay: I never thought I’d sleep in a mall. I especially never thought I’d sleep in a hotel in a mall (figured the only way I’d crash in a mall would be in a Dawn of the Dead scenario). I really, especially never thought I’d stay and recommend The Ritz-Carlton in the Pentagon City Mall. But here we are.

I really wish I thought of staying here when registering for my wedding. Registering for a wedding is a champagne problem but if you’re the kind of person that despises commerce and big stores and teens, going to a mall is a nightmare. Staying at a Ritz-Carlton is the opposite of a nightmare. Their service lives up to their reputation. It’s a Ritz. You’ll love it.

Eat & Drink: The restaurants at the Ritz have just as attentive service as the hotel rooms in the Ritz. If you’re not too full of Cinnabon (there’s one in the mall!), the Fyve is a great option, especially their brunch. Ideally, you’ll stay on a Saturday night, do all of your shopping/registering you remember, crash, wake up, discuss what you forgot to register for over brunch at Fyve, and finally, finish shopping/registering.

Do: Register for your wedding or baby shower via the stores in the mall. Even if you think you don’t need to register for your wedding or shower, you should register for your wedding or shower. Nice people or people that aren’t nice but you still invite to your wedding or shower, will buy you things. If you don’t give them suggestions of what to buy, you’re going to get bespoke stuff you despise and can’t return. I can not stress this enough, register for what you want or at least register for stuff at stores that certain people of a certain age will buy that you can return. Malls have those kind of stores. I know you’re reading a piece about staycations and I’m going on and on about registering for gifts. You know what’s a gift? Staying at a Ritz.

Celebratory events tend to be stressful in ways you can’t predict. A staycation in the Ritz-Carlton Pentagon City mall is definitely the best way to tackle the mall. Accept the attentiveness and indulge on the brunch. -B.W.

For the Person Who’s Never Had a Hangover

Stay: The Moxy Hotel wants every stay there to be a party. From their check in desk that doubles as a bar, to the (working) coin operated horse that takes up prime real estate in the lobby, every inch of the hotel is designed to break out the extrovert in you. During check in you’ll be given a coin that grants you a free drink at the hotel bar (which, again, is also the check in desk). If you want to full experience, I’d redeem it immediately and let the booze carry you through your stay. Once you’ve grabbed your drink, hop in the elevator and soak up the K Street views from your floor to ceiling windows. You’re going to have a wild time here.

Eat & Drink: The Moxy’s bar features a variety of naan flatbreads to help you soak up some of that booze, but our favorite was the dessert flatbread. Covered with Nutella, marshmallows, sliced strawberries and fresh mint, it is wildly decadent and definitely the best way to end your night at the hotel. If you’re not a dessert for dinner person, Sfoglina, one of D.C.’s best Italian restaurants is right around the corner. If you’re going to give into the party lifestyle and throw your inhibitions out the door, you might as well kick your diet to the curb and give into the siren song of carbs.

Do: Since you’re here to party, you might as well party. The Moxy isn’t too far from Soundcheck, which features a list of roving DJs from Wednesday to Sunday night, or The Park at 14th, which is known for its wild brunch (think La Boum) and its theme parties. If you’re willing to head a little further, you could swing by longtime D.C. club establishment Ultrabar or you could get a little wilder and check out Cloakroom Gentlemen’s Club (which hosted Stormy Daniels last December). -K.D.

For the Person Who Wants to Make Dupont Cool Again

Stay: In college, you might have spent an obscene amount of time buying books from Second Story, eating cheap and delicious food from Food Corner Kabob House (RIP, I miss you every day) and drinking at Sign of the Whale, but it’s probably been a while since you put in any serious face time in Dupont. Make this staycation an excuse to check in and see what’s going on in the neighborhood. Kimpton’s Hotel Palomar‘s location (and amenities) make it easy for you to get out the door and go exploring. You can walk a block in any direction and find something to do or grab one of the Palomar’s complimentary bikes and take this town by storm.

Eat & Drink: Hopefully you’ve worked up a good appetite after biking / walking around the neighborhood, because you have a lot of fantastic food options all around you. If you’re looking for something super casual (but highly rated) ChiKo is a quick walk up the block. If you’re in the mood for something a little more substantial than counter service, take a few more steps and you’re at Pizzeria Paradiso, one of the best spots for beer and pizza in the city. If you’re not quite sure what you want, Emissary is the perfect in between place. You can get cocktails or coffee or settle in for some food if moving seems too hard.

Of course, if you’d rather stay closer to home, Urbana offers all the Italian food you’re craving. Start off with an order of asparagus served with a zesty romesco sauce and rich dollops of quail egg and then dive head first into the entrees. If you’re going for pizza, the spicy sausage will set you up right with its generous helping of sausage and peppers, but if you want to bathe yourself in pasta, the tagliatelle will set you straight. This is one spot where you absolutely do not want to skip dessert. The Nutella ice cream sundae with its decadent combination of three different flavors of ice cream, candied hazelnuts, chocolate sauce, caramel, cherries and whipped cream is as over the top as it is delightful.

Do: Before you eat your way through the neighborhood, make sure to take some time and soak up everything Dupont has to offer. Visit the Rothkos at the Phillips Collection, catch some comedy (and drink your weight in beer) at Bier Baron, get lost at the Mansion on O Street or learn something new at one of Kramerbooks‘ book talks. Or do it all. The best part about a staycation is that you can always come back and check out whatever you missed.

With Palomar’s easy / breezy location, getting out and enjoying D.C. isn’t a chore. Of course, you could always crawl into one of their lovely beds and spend an evening putting their giant TV’s to use while you order room service from Urbana, but if you want to get out and get active, they make it easy. -K.D.

For the Couple Who Wants To Be Bougie… And Close to Work

Stay: It’s The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world (or the city) The Ritz is always… The Ritz. It’s beautiful. It’s opulent. It’s ritzy. An impeccably dressed woman brought me a glass of champagne while I waited in line to check in. Every time you think the service can’t get better, it does. It should go without saying that the rooms are just as luxurious as the lobby. The bed (with its combination of feather pillows and non-feather pillows, pick your poison) was easily one of the most comfortable beds I’ve ever slept in. The shower’s water pressure was strong enough to kill a man. If you have a bad time here, that’s all on you.

Eat & Drink: Depending on your mood, you can easily spend all day eating inside The Ritz. It’s like a luxurious compound you never have to leave! Park yourself in the Club Lounge and spend all day drinking wine, eating snacks and surfing the web on their complimentary wifi. It’s an adult version of a teenage dream. Want something a little more substantial in both the booze and food realm? Head to Quadrant for a sound aged whiskey tasting, where you can learn all about the wonders of science while you drink delicious whiskey.

We’ve written before about how Westend Bistro is one of D.C.’s hidden gems, so take your proximity as an excuse to tuck into the menu. The Mediterranean octopus (with it’s drizzle of smoked pepper honey) and the fingerling potatoes are a must order for the table, but it’s hard to go wrong here. Again, this is an excuse for the service to shine. Let your waiter take the wheel and lead you on a culinary adventure.

Do: If I were you, I would use The Ritz as an excuse to hide myself away from D.C. I’d stay in bed all day long with occasional trips to the Club Lounge for snacks and wine. With its proximity to K Street, you can spend all weekend there and pop right back into work on Monday without anyone suspecting anything. But if you must leave, if you must get out and do something, you’ve got options. Take a stroll on over to Georgetown and spend the day playing tourist. Get lost at Dumbarton Oaks or break out your credit card and shop like someone else is paying the bill.

It’s The Ritz. This is your excuse to live out all your rich person fantasies. Order room service in bed. Always take the glass of complimentary champagne. Live life like you’re pretending to be someone else. -K.D.

For the Person Looking to Upgrade their Day to Day

Stay: Tucked between Dupont Circle and the 14th Street corridor, the Kimpton Carlyle offers a boutique hotel experience in the heart of a residential neighborhood. Sitting on the shoulder of a tree-lined stretch of New Hampshire Avenue, it’s welcoming in the same manner as the stately Art Deco buildings that populate the surrounding area. There’s free wine and hors d’oeuvres in the lobby every afternoon, followed by hot chocolate in the evening. It’s humble and welcoming in all the right ways, and the bar/restaurant on the first floor is inviting and accessible (for a hotel bar). Fun fact: I actually lived at the Carlyle for two weeks at the end of 2014 after my building caught fire and the woman at the front desk remembered me when I checked in. It was an unexpected touch that set the tenor for my stay.

The rooms are well-decorated and the bed was heavenly, with a dense mattress, quality sheets, and plenty of pillows. I sank into it in a slightly short bathrobe and spent most of my evening watching a documentary on CNN and downing a complimentary bottle of pinot noir. Needless to say, my sleep was deep and uninterrupted, and by the time I woke up mid-morning about ten hours had gone by. I felt amazing.

Eat & Drink: Take your pick – you’re within walking distance of 14th Street. Start off with some oysters and a Pearl Cup at Pearl Dive before enjoying Neapolitan style pizzas across the street at Etto. If it’s nice enough, enjoy a frosty mug of beer at Garden District and make the most of people (and dog) watching.

Do: Go see a play at the Studio Theatre. With a focus on contemporary plays, the relatively intimate space puts on productions featuring some of the most exciting up and coming actors and play-writes in the country. However, make sure to check their website for tickets and performances with plenty of time – they don’t put on performances every night. -J.L.S.

For the Person Looking for the Party

Stay: Despite (or maybe because of?) the renovations underway, the W Washington remains as trendy and high-concept as always. Rooms are seemingly made to tease out your adventurous side; my suite had a fully-stocked bar, plenty of areas for entertaining, and two gigantic 4k televisions. But despite that, they didn’t cut corners with regards to the amenities for rest: the bathrobes were plush and thick, the personal grooming products and soaps seemed to be high quality, and the blackout curtains helped keep out any light. I did the unthinkable and actually used the hotel gym in the morning, and although small, it had plenty of cardio equipment and weights in good condition. They’ve managed to strike the right balance between debauchery and restoration.

Eat & Drink: With one of the most spectacular views of the Washington Monument and The White House, The W Hotel has long been a destination to see and be seen. The hotel recently renovated POV, its famous rooftop bar, and the facelift is noticeable, with additional seating along the edge of the outdoor bar and with an insane display of overhead lights in what used to be the more subdued indoor bar. And the energy seemingly transmits to guests, who were guzzling down drinks and singing along with abandon to the selection of late 90s anthems. And that was just a Thursday. Enjoy an Orca Platter from Old Ebbitt Grill just a few steps away and you’ve the recipe for a hell of a night.

Do: Ride a bike to the monuments on the National Mall. That way you can visit all of them in short succession and avoid getting caught behind crowds of people (just make sure to let them know you’re “on their left”). Sunset over the Lincoln Memorial is surprisingly romantic, and at a minimum it’s a good way to sweat out all the toxins from the night before. -J.L.S.

For Baseball Fanatics

Stay: If you’re a Nationals fan and want to do a staycation in D.C., the Homewood Suites by Navy Yard might be your best bet. Lucky for you, it’s the official hotel partner for the Nationals and they have packages that come with tickets for home games. If your team isn’t the Nats, this is a great year for you. A sub .500 team means cheaper tickets for every game, giving you more to splurge on for things like a hotel stay in view of the park.

Eat & Drink: Nationals Park is a block away so you might as well eat in the ballpark! Grab a hot dog and drink a cold Devil’s Backbone draft. If you’re not feeling like eating standard baseball food and drinks, you can always hit up ChiKo, get a cocktail from Republic Restoratives or try out whatever Caviar is offering that month. Don’t want to eat and drink in the ballpark? Walk over to The Yards and have a beer at Bluejacket. Eat some Italian food at Osteria Morini. If you feel like cooking for yourself and have a kitchenette in the room, head over to Harris Teeter and make yourself whatever.

Do: Can’t stress this enough – go to Nationals Park and see a game. Cheer on the Nats (or not, see above), have a few drinks and don’t worry about how you’re getting home. The hotel is a block away, so you don’t have to wait in the long line for the bathroom or get crushed on the Metro. You can just leave and use the restroom in your hotel room. Also, if you forgot about that bag policy and bring a backpack, you can walk a block back to the hotel room and leave your bag there instead of renting one of the lockers. Read Brightest Young Things’ coverage on the 2019 Nationals Park season preview tour. Go Nats! Or not! -C.V.

By Kaylee Dugan, Armando Gallardo, Jose Lopez-Sanchez, Clarissa Villondo, Brandon Wetherbee