DC Shows To Get Pumped For This Week…
stephanie | Jan 7, 2013 | 10:40AM |

Look, it’s simple: Every week we’ll be bringing you  all the information you can handle about the cool concerts to hit up in D.C. this week.  Don’t say we don’t love you.





January 11 @ 9:30 Club The Knocks

The post-holiday show slum happens every year, though 2013’s live shows are swinging back into action in full force with this week’s The Knocks’ gig. This electronic duo will keep you dancing well into the night with songs that leave your feet no other option then to m-o-v-e. You might as well kick off your year with a mantra like “we don’t care if the sun comes up,” because, let’s face it, that should be all of our mantras. Go out, dance, have fun. Be merry and let’s do it right with these guys.

You might like The Knocks if you like:dancing like a fool to “Digital Love,” Penguin Prison, Bag Raiders, Flight Facilities and Capital Cities




January 11 @ Rock and Roll Hotel Niki and the Dove

Stockholm’s electro-pop sweethearts bring dark, synth-y goodness to the stage usually accompanies by giant flower crowns, glitzy fans/accessories, and general theatrics; needless to say all of us at BYT are super obsessed with these Swedes.  They make the kind of leftfield, intelligent pop music that has seen them breakthrough last year in a big way the we know will only increase in 2013.

You might like Niki and the Dove if you like: Icona Pop, Friends, Sebastian, Yeah Yeah Yeahs




January 11 @ 9:30 Club Yellowcard

Ready for one of those punk-pop nostalgiafests to take you back a good 10 years? The poppy emo quintet will take you back to the days of yore when lines like, “You are the only one I let go” really hit home and all you wanted was to stay up all night and maybe skateboard around twon in your Dickies or whatever. Yellowcard goes on early at 9:30 Club (remember when you had a curfew?? IT REALLY IS JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL) so don’t miss it.

You might like Yellowcard if you like:Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday, Blink-182, MxPx, skateboarding circa 2001.





January 12 @ Rams Head Live Bloc Party

Ain’t no party like a Bloc Party party ‘caus a Bloc Party party don’t stop blowin’ you away. Back in 2005 Bloc Party blasted on the indie scene and knocked everyone in their path.  With their post-punk revival bravado, the English quartet celebrates the perfect unity of angular sonics and pop structures. Remember the first time you listened to Silent Alarm? From the get-go, “Like Eating Glass,” you knew you were listening to something special. (Don’t worry, we included it in the playlist just for you.)

You might like Yellowcard if you like: Gang of Four, The Cure, Sonic Youth and, of course,  Joy Division





January 12 @ Lyric Opera House Jim Gaffigan

Ready for some comedy? Gaffigan’s deadpan humor and high-pitched asides make for a rollercoaster of laughs that have placed him on talkshows like The Late Show with David Letterman and The Ellen Show, as well as TV like Law and Order (of all things). He’s dry, he’s smart, and he’s got great timing. Oh, and he hates Hot Pockets.

You might like Steven A. Clark if you like:Brian Regan, Patton Oswalt, Jerry Seinfeld






January 13 @ DC9 Steven A. Clark 

North Carolina’s Steven A. Clark mixes electro with R&B to roll love, adoration, despise, bliss, pain, drinking and drugs into some seriously gorgeous synth-kissed tunes. Clark’s rap-singing walks the line between perfectly

You might like Steven A. Clark if you like: Frank Ocean, the Weekend, N.E.R.D., A Tribe Called Quest, Kendrick Lamar, Boyz II Men