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all photos: Jeff Martin, (aside from Roofers Union photo by Elizabeth Parker)

Just in time for Valentine’s day we thought it would ONLY be appropriate if we took a brief moment to spotlight, in all their sultry, steamy allure, the best sausages, hot dogs, weiners and (half) smoked heroes in town (And yes, we’re looking WAAAAAY beyond Ben’s here).

Talk about food porn

Come on in:



Meats and Foods are Florida Ave.’s strongest addition. Homemade sausages, great chilli, and an ability to add a Natty Boh to any order for $2 makes this a no-brainer destination for meat lovers

  • Where to Find It: 247 Florida Ave NW
  • What to Get: half smoke (w/ chili / cheese / peppers onions, natch) See below:

Sausage Party 2015-33-18


Have you been to the DCity Smokehouse yet? If not, what EXACTLY ARE YOU WAITING FOR? The only problem we foresee is that you will want to eat everything there and eat it all the time.

  • Where to Find It: 8 Florida Ave NW
  • What to Get:  A Half Smoke sausage topped with mustard, onions, Smoky Brisket Chili, and Cheddar & Jack cheese blend all on a potato hot dog roll See it below looking all sultry:

Sausage Party 2015-39-1701

For the quality sit-down sausage experience:

Roofers Union’s Marjorie Meek-Bradley shows off her meat love all over the menu at the Adams Morgan restaurant, with sausages taking a prime spot, a rotating selection of three on offer, all served on pretzel rolls with hand cut fries.

  • Where to Find It: 2446 18th street NW
  • What to get:  The Sausage Party, naturally – which combines all three offerings (currently Beef and Pork based Hunter Sausage, Veal Heart sausage and Chicken Sausage) and serves them on a hot skillet with all proper acoutrements for your enjoyment



Swing by DC’s finest hot dog food truck The Swizzler, according to them “the biggest hot dog development since the man invented catchup and mustard”.

  • Where to Find It: Follow @SwizzlerFoods for current location
  • What to get:  we’re partial to LDV – mozz / cherry tomatos / arugula / pesto. See below:


For The DIYer:

RED APRON is the answer. Always.

  • Where to Find It: at Union Market or 709 D Street
  • What to get:  the classic half smoke, of course. See below:

Sausage Party 2015-35-1189

so, that is that, you guys-let us know your favorites in the comments and remember, where there is a will, there is a way to HAVE THEM ALL: