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Remember when D.C.’s restaurant scene tried to convince you that not taking reservations was a good thing? That the better, purer option was standing in line for hours on end in the cold, heat, rain and snow? Remember the people who paid at minimum $30 an hour to have someone else stand in line for them? Remember when it became, against all odds, a status symbol? Thankfully, in the year of our lord 2019, the madness is ending. Your suffering is (partially) over. In the last five months, three of D.C.’s biggest line creators have given up the ghost. Reservations are back, baby and they’re looking better than ever. Partially inspired by our serious hatred of lines and this tweet from Morgan Baskin, housing reporter at Washington City Paper (and former BYT editorial intern!), here are the restaurants we might finally get to try… and the places we’re begging to hop on this sweet new trend train. 2019 is tasting good already.

Thank you for being a friend (and taking reservations)

Bad Saint

It’s finally happening. Bad Saint announced today that they’ll officially start taking reservations. Due to the restaurant’s size, they can’t accept groups larger than four people and they require you to put down a credit card number (although you do have 48 hours to cancel without being penalized). Shocker of all shockers, tables have already been snapped up, but the website allows you to hop on a wait list, just in case something opens up. It’s like standing in a virtual line! What a concept.


Upshur street’s tiniest restaurant started doling out reservations for their chefs counter in December, but word on the street is that they’ll start adding more tables to their reservation system down the line. As of right now, they accept parties as large as 8 people (which is the entire chef’s counter) and require you to put down a $25 deposit per person. We’ve heard the uni toast, karaage and hamachi crudo are a must order.

Rose’s Luxury

Although it was the first restaurant to give in to the reservation regime, Rose’s Luxury still makes it hard to plan out your dinners in advance. The restaurant offers advanced reservations for groups of six or twelve, but if your party is smaller than that, you’ll have to settle for a same day res, which fill up just as fast as you think they would. Once you’ve managed to score a seat, make up for lost time by grabbing their now famous lychee salad, made with pork sausage, habanero and peanuts.

Please start taking reservations (we’re begging you)


I know the izakaya takes reservations (and I’m very thankful that they do), but my life would be better and my stomach would be happier if my ability to eat their ramen wasn’t based on fate or luck or other uncontrollable intangibles. The only time I’ve gotten a table at Daikaya (without being quoted a two hour wait) was when I went alone. In the middle of a work day. In the summer. That’s not right.

Copycat Co.

I just want to go to my favorite bar again. Is that too much to ask?

Little Serow

A year ago I would have never considered a future where Little Serow took reservations, but it’s 2019 and stranger things have happened. I’m looking forward to a time when I can fill my stomach with their critically acclaimed Thai food.