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This week in lieu of actual news, lets just all focus on what we ALL ACTUALLY want to talk about: All the reality TV shows that are happening in DC. We have, at last count, 3 on our hands, to fully and guiltily obsess about (does anyone know what is going on with that Washingtonienne TV series?)

First and foremost, it looks like that Blonde Charity Mafia show WILL NEVER EVER AIR (even though they kept telling us it will). Latest news is that the show IS SO GOOD that CW is postponing its premiere for September when “the network will be able to offer it the full promotional support it deserves”. Whatever. I want to see this, and I want to see it now.

Secondly, The Real Housewives of DC seems to be underway and scheduled for showing on Bravo in 2010, with Patrick Gavin over @ Politico throwing around everyone from Michelle Fenty to Ali Wentworth as potential stars. Now, now Patrick-we all know it is only wannabes that make it onto this show, not actual social fixtures. Reliable source has a pretty decent speculation round up too. Audition times and details are YET TO BE ANNOUNCED.

image from the wapo article

Thirdly, THE REAL WORLD. It has only been a few weeks since the show was but a twinkle in the producer’s eye and yet it is so hard to imagine what the press of DC would ever be writing about these days if it wasn’t there. I mean, I seriously thought no one would really care? But then I remembered that DC loves to care about not caring about stuff, and the world made sense again.
Here is the rollercoaster of the last 24 hours:

*So-the house was sort of chosen and Wonkette posted this photo over the weekend:

*Naturally, everyone with a camera and a blog (approximately 98% of the DC population) staked out the location.
*Then Prince of Petworth broke some photos this morning.
*Then some kids created this I HATE REAL WORLD DC blog and added a twitter handle (http://twitter.com/AntiRealWorldDC) which is bound to blow up in all sorts of ways. I am going to write to them tomorrow and beg them to let us do an aggregated post every week or something. I’m not too proud.
*For those into non “ANTI” scoop, this twitter account emerged shortly thereafter: http://twitter.com/RealWorldDCNEWZ. Latest scoop: Some contractor work photos! OMG!
*Then DCist ran the photos, officially making this the most photographed home in the history of the District.
*Then the City Paper announced some of the real estate info on the home and quickly following its cue
*the Post interviewed the owner of the speculated apartment and (sort of) confirmed what was up with it.
*The Shitshow, naturally, got in on it with a welcoming committee plan.
Now I am just waiting for someone to bust out souvenir copies of that house and sell them around the city.
No word on final casting/or their intended DC purpose yet, though the filming will start on June 20th.