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October is National Pizza Month, but you probably didn’t know that. Now you do. Honor the ‘za by heading to one of these 5 spots that serves a brunch version of what is arguably the most perfect food for any time of the day.


Matchbox’s brunch pizza features the breakfast staples of scrambled eggs and sausage, atop smoked gouda cheese, onions and pico de gallo and chipotle sour cream. They also offer lox and flatbread, for a pizza-fied take on the classic lox and bagel.


Graffiato specializes in pizza any time of day, but their special breakfast pizza is topped with tomatoes, potatoes, breakfast sausage and poached egg. They clearly recognize that pizza is the ideal vehicle to bring all the best parts of breakfast into your mouth as efficiently as possible. They also make a sweet brunch pizza of nutella, bananas, strawberries and powdered sugar, in case you’re more inclined to start your day with a kick of sugar.



If you’re not into the brunch scene but want to get in on the breakfast pizza game too, don’t worry. Veloce has you covered with three breakfast pizza and three breakfast calzone options to get your day started right. Each pizza is $5 and personal sized, so you have no good reason not to get on board the breakfast pizza train.



Italy-based Pizza chain Piola offers bottomless Prosecco cocktails and sangria for $16 as part of their brunch menu which also features a couple savory pizzas, and a sweet brunch pizza. Copious amounts of alcohol and pizza, I’m pretty sure nothing can beat it.


The pizza chain RedRocks has a pretty extensive savory brunch menu which of course features a brunch pizza with red potatoes, a sunny side up egg and optional chorizo or sausage. You can also get garlic knots with marinara sauce as a side, to get that full pizza experience bright and early.

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