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Where we talk about stuff (happening in and around D.C.) we didn’t write about but is still something you may care to get all riled about and comment on. So, without further ado – today, in other D.C. media sources:

  • Last night at a sold-out Smithsonian Association event, Betty White told D.C. she’d like to come back as a moose in her next life. Too bad for Betty (but excellent for us), she’s immortal and isn’t going anywhere (or so we’d like to believe). (via Washingtonian)
  • Your Shocking Stats of the Day: one-tenth of America’s car-sharing market lives in the D.C. region. (via TBD)
  • In celebration of American Craft Beer Week, here’s a homebrew recipe for $12 Cream Ale. (via We Love DC)
  • Happy National Bike to Work Day!!
  • Here’s an interactive map of the country’s census figures since 1990, yielding some very interesting results in the DMV area… (via Washington Post)
  • These figures are echoed in a recent Examiner article stating D.C.’s African American population fell below half for the first time in more than 50 years.
  • And we’re all aware Obama was at Taylor Gourmet on Wednesday, but let’s not forget the other sandwich and burgers stops he’s made along the way when we plan our Obama Food Map of the Stars. (via Washingtonian)
  • And according to the Social Security Administration, D.C.’s most popular baby names are William, Alexander, Daniel, James Christopher, are Sophia, Ava, Elizabeth, Olivia and Sofia.(via WashingtonCity Paper)