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 WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around D.C.) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy


  • A firefighter has been charged with murder after participating in a drag race, and not the RuPaul kind I might add, but the fast car grease lighting kind. (via NBC)
  • The FBI is investigating death threats that were made yesterday against the students of Howard University. In other related news, this world is garbage. (via City Paper)
  • In terrifying transportation news, an X2 collided with a street car and a double decker bus caught on fire. Never leave your home again!


  • The Max Levine Ensemble has released their first full length album in eight years. Finally, some good news. (via NPR)
  • The Meridian Hill Park drum circle just isn’t the same. (via WAMU)
  • The new Matchbox in Loudon is going to offer more salads because that’s what the ladiezzz eat. (via Northern Virginia Magazine)


  • Momofuku’s menu is so confusing Eater has to decode it for us. (via Eater)
  • Georgetown students are way cooler than I ever thought. My bad guys, keep doing what you’re doing. (via Georgetown Voice)
  • Aaaaand a man who was fatally shot in NE this morning brings the homicide count to 142. What a terrible day. (via NBC)