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 WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around D.C.) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy

  • This morning an anonymous Twitter death threat was sent out targeting Howard University students. The threat, alongside the events at Mizzou, has lead to increased security on campus and in the surrounding areas  (via City Paper).
  • Mayor Bowser is in China for the week and rode the Shanghai subway for some ideas. Can we all just imagine what the venn diagram comparing the D.C. and Shanghai subway systems would look like (via Washington Post).
  • Hopefully these ideas will have to do with the fact that the Metro is unsurprisingly behind schedule in its process of replacing its old cars (via WAMU).

train city subway loop cinemagraph

  • George Washington University isn’t rescinding Bill Cosby’s 1997 honorary degree (via NBC).
  • American University’s Kogod School of Business conducted a study that revealed that women make up 12.8% of board members at 211 regional companies. Even though my woman brain isn’t good at math that’s still not a good stat (via WBJ). snl no maya rudolph nsfw not safe for work
  • Fred Armisen is coming to Red Onion Records tomorrow for a performance that no one knows anything about (via City Paper).
  • Let’s end on a good note. The Giant in Landover, MD is delivering 1,000 turkeys to the Capital Area Food Bank this Thursday.

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