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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around DC) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy…

  • Cab drivers protested Uber (again) in the most cab-driverly way possible– by driving in circles around Freedom Plaza and beeping their horns en masse. (via WUSA 9)
  • More on cab drivers behaving badly– a D.C. woman says a cab driver overcharged her, then locked her in the car when she refused to pay. Uber is looking really good right about now. (via NBC Washington)


  • The Antares rocket launch was postponed to today so you still may be able to see it. (via NASA)
  • And the award for worst segue into a senate candidate’s platform goes to: Ed Gillespie on opposing the Anti-Redskins bill.



  • Two is Enough D.C., an anti-marijuana legalization campaign, debuted some new ads to put on buses. They spelled “edibles” wrong. (via Washington City Paper)


  • Maryland will not force quarantines on suspected Ebola cases because everyone with the flu will think they have Ebola. (via WAMU)
  • An 87-year-old driver crashed into a Hallmark in Fairfax County yesterday. Hallmark has now released a line of cards with a cartoon dog saying “Sorry I destroyed your store!” for future situations like this. (via WJLA)
  • If you are a man in D.C., this is your uniform. Live it, learn it, love it. (via Washingtonian)