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Where we talk about stuff (happening in and around D.C.) we didn’t write about but is still something you may care to get all riled about and comment on. So, without further ado – today, in other D.C. media sources:

  • PSA: The Hirshhorn’s new one-time-only Song 1 installation is opening TONIGHT. Trust us, it’s going to be AMAZING.
  • Huge contender for D.C. Shocker of the Year Award: apparently the District is one of the least-stressed cities in the country. These analysts have clearly never driven on 95, though according to the study we do have the longest average commute in the nation. No surprises there. (via NBC Washington)
  • In today’s edition of D.C. Trend Watch, bikes are IN–just be sure to wear a helmet because car door-ings are too. (via Washington Post)
  • And because we all love free things, Sprinkles Cupcakes is giving away FREE CUPCAKES until 9:00pm tonight to celebrate their one-year anniversary. Get at ’em. (via Prince of Petworth)

    (sciascia // Prince of Petworth Flickr)
  • In more food-related news, Bar Pilar is back in full swing this weekend. Full menu + details via Washington City Paper.
  • Today is apparently “Kick Butts Day,” a national anti-smoking awareness holiday… so, you know, don’t smoke. Or do. (via TBD via ABC7)
  • You may or may not be one of the millions of people foaming at the mouth over The Hunger Games opening at midnight, but now you can LIVE THE EXCITEMENT first-hand without all that death thanks to a new Hunger Games-inspired workout over at Washington Sports Club. May the hydration odds be ever in your favor. (via Washingtonian)

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