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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around DC) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy.

  • As Peter Tosh declared so many years ago, legalize it! Well, we’re still not there yet, but Maryland has decriminalized it! (via wamu)
  • Get a firsthand look at DC’s new shipping container apartments–them some spiffy digs for once being industrial windowless box. (via dcist)
  • GWU offered a history class in DC hardcore this summer. Why didn’t someone do this earlier? Couldn’t I have used this in high school? More scholarly discussion of Riot Grrl would do us all some good. (via dcist)
  • And let us not forget about AU, who is helping the Nationals and their fans out this post-season, as they promise to foot the bill to have the metro stay open late if one of the post-season games were to go long. I knew those ungodly high tuition rates were serving a good purpose. (via citypaper)

nationals fan smell my arm pit

  • It’s not just colleges that are looking to ride the red hot Nationals coattails, this church is offering up Nat’s mass! Obviously, if we have god on our side we’ll win because that’s how things work. Obviously.
  • There was a funeral for the Corcoran. It will be missed, although, it’s not really going anywhere. (via citypaper)

fake intrepretter

  • The post has crafted a super helpful DC transit app round-up. Hint: the winner is CapitolHop, “the Swiss Army knife of apps.” (via Washington Post)
  • People, please stop taking your children to Six Flags America. It’s a general health risk on par with secondhand smoke or going to Chuck E. Cheese. (via wjla)

chuck e cheese celebrate

…in DC anyway.