DC News You Can (Maybe) Use…
stephanie | Mar 14, 2012 | 4:00PM | Uncategorized

Where we talk about stuff (happening in and around D.C.) we didn’t write about but is still something you may care to get all riled about and comment on. So, without further ado – today, in other D.C. media sources:

  • They did it! Listen Local First raised over $5,000 to fund a mobile music van, which is currently en route to SXSW (before permanently taking up residency in the District). They’re blasting music and hosting pop-up shows by D.C.’s own musicians. Needless to say, we’re all for it. (via HuffPost DC)

    (Huffington Post DC)
  • C’mon, guys. It’s Pi(e) Day. We’ve got a great idea for all your pie needs tonight (and then some). Treat yo’self.
  • Cherry blossoms too mainstream this year? Try the Orchid exhibit/event series over at the Botanic Garden. It’s spring. It’s free. Go on and look at some flowers. (via We Love DC)
  • Transit unions forming an #OccupyMetro movement? As of today, that’s a thing now. (via TBD)
  • Did we mention there were ELEPHANTS roaming the streets of D.C.???
  • Food for thought: have our monuments become too “Disneyfied”…? (via Borderstand)
  • And honestly, because we all need it in D.C., 5 Simple Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep. (via Washingtonian)
  • And finally, the impotence of spell/grammar cheqing in online news and social media… (via DCist)

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