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  • Weather (Good News Edition): Hurricane Arthur’s impact on your holiday weekend should be minimal, so get out there and sweat buckets for America. Also, check out our 4th of July guide. [via CBS Washington]
  • Weather (Bad News Edition): Severe storm and flash flooding warnings have been issued through 9pm this evening. At this point a kayak may have been a more practical purchase than that bike. [via The Washington Post]
  • Mayor Vincent Gray wants you to boycott Eastern Shore Maryland this summer. Why? Because they want to turn over DC’s pending decriminalization legislation. [via NBC Washington]
  • John Williams is set to present a new arrangement of the national anthem featuring a full symphony orchestra. Let’s all take a moment to remind ourselves that this man also composed the scores for the likes of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Jaws, and dozens of others. Get hype. [via NBC Washington]
  • There is a giant maze being unveiled tomorrow at the National Building Museum, and man does it look fun. If you’re not all over that then you’re wrong and I don’t like you. [via NBC Washington]
  • Did you know the Post has a World Cup for sandwiches going on? Me either. But the USofA is still in the running, and frankly I think even Ann Coulter can get behind a celebration of sandwich-y morals. [via The Washington Post]
  • Speaking of food, the good folks over at DCist have compiled a list of the best hot dogs in DC. Make America proud and eat, like, at least 7. [via DCist]
  • Alexandria’s waterfront has some big changes in the works, including a new hotel and six acres of additional park space. Not surprisingly, King St. is still expected to flood regularly. [via The Washington Post]