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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around DC) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy…

  • D.C. is one of four cities in the nation on the 2024 Olympic Games shortlist. Maybe they’ll put an Olympic Stadium stop on the Silver Line if we win. [via WAMU]
  • Joe Biden hung out in the USA World Cup team’s locker room after last night’s win and it only got a little weird. [via Washington Post]

  • Three more candidates jumped into the competition for the D.C. Council at-large seat, making the ridiculously large total number of candidates now 12. [via Washington City Paper]
  • Dr. Oz got chastised on the Hill today for using phrases like “miracle weight loss” on his show and giving audience members what lawmakers called “false hope.” [via The Hill]

  • D.C. is getting too expensive for millennials, according to the Washington Post. Lower the cost of housing or we’ll leave (and take our artisinal ice cream shops and youthful nightclubs with us).

  • … But according to DCist, a crop of younger residents is the reason why a bunch of D.C. neighborhoods are gentrifying. Eighteen neighborhoods, in fact. Columbia Heights, Petworth, Congress Heights and Anacostia are among them.
  • New concept pictures of the proposed D.C. United Stadium look a hell of a lot better than the last ones. [via Curbed D.C.]
  • A drunk man in Ballston tried to walk backwards, fell over, and knocked himself out on Sunday. [via ARLnow]

  • It’s going to be so hot this week, the Department of Public Works is going to be collecting trash an hour earlier this week. This is an omen. It means STAY INDOORS AT ALL COSTS. [via Washington City Paper]