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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around DC) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy…


    • Speaking of, DC Pride Week 2014 officially kicks off tomorrow night. Come celebrate with BYT and Capital Pride, and get hip on how to make the most of pride week.blastoffeventbriteheaderlogo600width
    • Fire Chief Kenneth Ellerbe announced his retirement. After 3 years of complaints and criticism, this was not entirely unexpected. [via CBS]
    • Ultra, the alcohol delivery service that launched in DC last week, announced that it will now deliver to all areas of the city (as opposed to the limited service area it had initially proposed). Ergo: beer for everyone always. [via CBS Washington]giphy
    • Occidental Grill sponsored a special insect tasting event yesterday. Apparently grasshopper/turkey burgers were a hit, and helped raise money for DC Central Kitchen. Close your eyes it almost tastes like chicken…right? [via NPR]tumblr_m06z4sI8cW1rn95k2o1_500
    • Extensive track work is set to begin this weekend, and no line is escaping unscathed. The only thing worse than the ensuing wait times will be, obviously, listening to everybody and their grandmother complaining about the wait times. [via DCist]tumblr_inline_mmcvbvnOpW1qz4rgp
    • Politicians have found one more way to hide behind their clipboards. In a stunning display of ironic literalism, a Maryland county announced that it will outfit its officials with bulletproof clipboards. [via NBC Washington]tumblr_mun2435rVV1rxhogzo1_500
    • 11 Virginia high school seniors are facing felony charges as a result of a senior prank. Authorities found eggs, flour, and chocolate covering the high school campus. Watch out messy bakers, you could be next. [via ABC Washington]32P
    • United Airlines is launching daily direct flights to Madrid for the duration of the summer. So when you get sick of all things inside the Beltway, remember that you can now be in freaking Spain in about 8 hours. Good. Stuff. [via The Washington Post]