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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around DC) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy.

  • It’s been hot for about a week and it’s rained basically every day. Sick of it yet? Well that sucks because we’re going to get a downpour tonight!! (WTOP)


  • Want to go see the Wizards maybe actually beat the Pacers tonight? Well good news for you because there are more tickets available! Bad news, they will probably put you in the poor house. (Washington City Paper)


  • A teacher gave some 5th graders help on a standardized test in D.C. Now she’ll be fired, and the principal is in a shit ton of trouble. I understand she wants them to succeed, but leave the cheating for them to learn later in life.  (Washington Post)


  • Gov. Martin O’Malley is supposed to sign a measure aimed at stopping discrimination against transgender people today in Annapolis. While this is cool, there’s still plenty of time for the opposition to take over. Which is not cool. (WAMU)


  • Homelessness has increased by 13% in D.C. because of high poverty rates and super expensive housing, amongst other things. So that blows. (DCist)


  • There’s an app called Happy Kitchen that shows you how clean all the nearby kitchens are. It shows you all the nearby restaurants, their health code violations, and what they got the violations for. (DCist)


  • The Baltimore Aquarium might get rid of their dolphin exhibit. Those dolphins are adorable and that would be sad, but they know it’s not a habitable place for the animals so they’re figuring out what to do about it. You go, Baltimore Aquarium, you go. (WTOP)