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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around DC) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy.

  • If you’re a hip college kid (like me!), or you just want to help out some cool college kids, take a gander at Ubers new competition/deal. They’re offering AU, GW, Georgetown, and Howard one free week of UberX to which ever school can get 1500 signups before February 11th. Each school has it’s own code that also offers the new member $20 credit off their first ride. (via Uber)
  • The historic Franklin School on 13th street is going to be turned into an art museum. The Institute of for Contemporary Expression will be in charge of remodeling the building and turning it into space that will hold contemporary art, installations, performances, and sculptures as well as a bookstore, a cafe, and a restaurant. (via Washington City Paper)
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  • I spend most of my time in DC on the bus, so I was pretty angry to hear that a pickup truck rear-ended a metro bus (the 32 route, which I take all the time!) and then ran away like a coward. Eight passengers were injured in the accident, although thankfully none of the injuries were life threatening. We should hunt down the pickup truck driver “M” style. Mob justice is the only justice (I’ve been watching a lot of German movies lately, sorry guys). (via Washington Post)
  • Speaking of buses, apparently a lot of stuff goes down on the X2. A woman went into labor on it, a recently engaged couple met on it, and I turned 21 on it (not kidding). (via Washington City Paper)
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  • DC Police officers are getting a 4% pay raise after going six years without one. Mayor Vincent Gray said, “We look forward to giving our officers their long overdue raises. We are just sorry that we weren’t able to implement the raises sooner.” (via NBC)
  • More than 40% of the mayoral campaign funds come from out of the city, while the largest amount comes from Maryland. Lets think of a fun conspiracy theory to go along with this. (via WAMU)
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  • So much housing news! DC’s smallest home was sold and we have a new most valuable property. Riveting. (via Urban Turf, Washington Business Journal)
  • In DC music news, Mary Timony, of Helium and Wild Flag, has started a new band called Ex Hex with Betsy Wright and Laura Harris. Their first 7” will be out on March 18 and they’ll begin touring on March 3rd at the Black Cat. In Hip-Hop news, Wale finally returned to twitter and released a music video for “Black Grammy’s”. Maybach Music forever. (via Pitchfork, Washington City Paper)
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  • If DC was a country, our GDP would be similar to a place like New Zealand. Hopefully we’d also get other cool New Zealand-esque things like Lord of the Rings movies and sheep. (via InTheCapital)
  • ‘Til next time!