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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around DC) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy.

  • Tonight is the Capitol tree lighting ceremony! (Via WJLA)


  • Mayor Vincent Gray is running for reelection and people aren’t super happy about it, because of the whole 2010 campaign corruption scandal and everything.  (Via WAMU)
  • The DC Cannabis campaign is the first to start accepting bitcoin contributions, because nothing says “We care about clean campaigning” like “money” used to buy tons of illegal drugs on illegal websites. (Via WAMU)


  • The hilarious and seriously insulting Metro Forward campaign sign depicting a woman saying, “Can’t we just talk about shoes?” is ironic in a number of ways, but mostly because it’s going way back to a time when sexist ads were deemed acceptable. And also just the fact that the metro actually moving forward with any regularity is debatable. (Via DCist)


  • A football field is being built over a cemetery in Virginia. I’m sure people will be DYING to play there (ha). (Via Washington Post)
  • A woman in Maryland dressed in pink from head to toe in a robbery. She wanted to look cute while ensuring she would be seen during this robbery. (Via NBC Washington)
  • It’s that time of year again! No, not the holidays, but for the metro to increase their fares. Enjoy! (Via WAMU)


‘Til next time!