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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around DC) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy.

Shots were fired near the U.S. Capitol this afternoon. The Washington Post has been doing an excellent job keeping everyone informed.

In semi-less depressing government shutdown news roundup:

  • In light of the shutdown, people are given the chance to prove they don’t suck as much as our government does right now. (Via Huffington Post)
  • Perhaps there are some upstanding humans in the government after all. (Via The Washington Post)

leslie knope

  • Those tourists who were unlucky/unaware enough to come to DC during the shutdown have some pretty great new tour guides with some time on their hands. (Via InTheCapital)
  • Jon Stewart is notoriously sympathetic to the conservative plight (HA!) and he has apologized for being too easy on them in regards the government shutdown in hilarious television gold. (Via Huffington Post)

jon stewart

And other news that’s happening in the world, as hard as that is to believe:

  • As if there weren’t enough problems in the district, I guess we now have to also worry about stun gun robberies? (Via InTheCaptial)

stun gun

  • As well as mountain lions. Because that’s a thing now too. (Via InTheCapital)
  • I’m sorry, what? Hope for humanity continues to be lost. (Via Wonkette)

the campaign

  • Well, at least we can continue drinking on U Street in light of the shutdown, mountain lions,  stun guns and racist baby-punchers that are out in the universe. (Via Washingtonian)