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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around DC) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy.

  • Here’s a reminder that Pie It Forward is going to be in DC tonight! They’ll be at Chinatown Metro/7th and H Street NW givin’ away free pie with no strings attached. (via Pie It Forward)
  • Get out your ouija boards and other witchcraft-y materials, there’s gonna be a second full moon tonight. Although having a second full moon in one month is commonly referred to as a “blue moon,” it’s, unfortunately, not blue at all. Still pretty cool though. (via Capital Weather Gang)



  • Too busy (or lazy) to run to the post office or assemble that Ikea chair that’s been sitting in your apartment for months? Pay strangers to do it for you! TaskRabbit, a website/app that connects you with people willing to do your tasks for money, has just launched in DC. (via TaskRabbit)
  • Bill Cosby will be speaking at Ben’s Chili Bowl tomorrow in honor of the establishments 55th anniversary. The party is taking place in the alley right next to Ben’s from noon to 4PM and other “surprises” and guests should be expected. (via DCist)


  • Thursday is also the Howard Theaters 103rd anniversary as well as Chuck Brown’s birthday! Head on over to Howard Theater for The Chuck Brown Birthday Bash Celebration and celebrate both of them at the same time. (via The Howard Theater)
  • The new Obama dog-ADORABLE (via Refinery 29)
  • Those of you addicted to Chipotle’s baby sized burritos should head to your neighborhood location tonight and support DC’s public libraries. For one night only Chipotle will donate 50% of the cost of your meal to our public libraries, all you have to do is tell them you’d like to support the libraries and eat away. (via DCist)


  • If you thought licensed Redskins souvenirs were bad, this unlicensed shirt takes the cake… And by “takes the cake” I mean it’s frightfully racist. (via Yahoo Sports)
  • DC-now even more unemployed. (via WAMU)
  • Here’s a property value map from 1891. Oh how the times have changed. (via Ghosts of DC)