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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around DC) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy.

  • The thing about women is that they tend not to respond well to the insinuation that they take money for sex. Guys: Not as easily as offended by this accusation. That being said, a woman filed a lawsuit against Bourbon Steak GM Mark Politzer, in which she alleges that he called her a “Prostitute” and physically escorted her away from her table and back to the street, where, according to the lawsuit, Politzer said she was a “lady of the night.” (read more at CityPaper) 

  •  So you definitely can’t smoke on the metro, but what about E-cigs? Apparently, no one’s really sure. Since those sorts of things are actually determined by local governance, and since the DC City council is considering banning E-Cigs indoors while the VA state Gov. has made it clear that they have no immediate plans to do so, there’s a chance that in the not so distant future you could find yourself puffing away at that E-cig between Vienna and Roslyn, only to pocket once you get to river. Asinine? Nahhhh… (via Washington Post)
  • DaLuft, a new seafood joint coming soon to H Street, got a pretty cool looking makeover. All in favor of cool looking buildings say aye. (via PoPville)

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  • Take a guess who you think the highest paid state employees in MD and VA are. You’re wrong unless you guessed that it was college football coaches. We’re not alone, either. Check out this interactive map and learn about where all the money goes. (via InTheCapital)
  • Meet Melvyn Wilson. This VA resident and former USPS employee has now won the lottery four separate times, this time racking up $500K in winnings. His previous winnings included a $500k jackpot in 2004, $25K in 2005, and then that same year – 2005 – he won $1 million from a scratch off bought at a Woodbridge gas station. If you’ve ever called the lotto “the stupid tax,” the joke might have been on you. (read more at Huffpo DC)

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