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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around D.C.) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy:

  • This is maybe the most important news of the day.
  • Truxton Circle’s newest mural is at the center of an intense copyright dispute that’s surprisingly sad. (via DCist)
  • City Paper goes in depth on the past, present and future of the Fannie Mae building. (via City Paper)
  • After clearing reports of an active shooter, Howard resumes all of its homecoming activities. (via DCist)
  • Metro is pushing its new Back 2 Blue campaign to convince people to use the blue line again. But also… what if you took that marketing campaign money and allocated it to making Metro better? What if? (via NBC)

  • Speaking of Metro, they’re doing a cool, chill thing and are opening up early on Sunday to accommodate people traveling for the Marine Corp Marathon. Read our guide to the MCM here. (via DCist)
  • And speaking of Virginia, here are Alexandria’s best ghost stories. (via NBC)
  • A local heavy metal band has gone viral in Catalonia. This is the weirdest story you’ll read all day. (via WAMU)

  • Tom Sietsema is not hiding his displeasure with this year’s Michelin Guide. (via Post)
  • D.C. has a roving bar car named Darla and I’m very into it. (via Eater)
  • Joe & The Juice is coming to K Street and someone in the BYT office is so excited about it they ran through traffic to check out the signs. I’m not going to say who. (via POPville)
  • City Paper is bringing back the classifieds for a limited time. I bet money this gets real weird real quick. (via City Paper)