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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around D.C.) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy:

  • Buffalo & Bergen is offering 10 cent beers all day long. What are you waiting for? Go drink!

  • We stand with Comet (and so should you).
  • The Washington Monument is going to be closed until 2019. (via WAMU)
  • The Funk Parade wants to mine your smart and creative brains for ideas. (via Borderstan)


  • D.C.’s marijuana laws are still a weird gray area. (via WAMU)
  • A nice thing happened. (via WUSA)
  • Something called “Fashion Santa” is coming to D.C. I don’t know what that means and I really don’t want to! (via Washingtonian)


  • DC Empanada’s is getting it’s own location. (via Washingtonian)
  • Some guy in Maryland really wants to be able to sell guns from his house. (via Post)