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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around D.C.) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy:

  • DC has a bunch of cool nuclear fall out shelters and we need to have a party in one immediately. (via City Paper)
  • Regardless of what happened this week, you can always count on the Metro to suck. (via Post)


  • Johnny Spero is opening a restaurant in Georgetown. (via City Paper)
  • The D.C. Office of Cable TV, Film, Music & Entertainment wants to play your music videos! That’s a fun cool thing. (via DCMD)
  • DCist wrote some nice things about FotoWeek and you should read them.


  • A new restaurant / brew house is coming to Virginia. Beer is always a good thing. (via NVM)
  • Check out some photos from Barrel’s pop-up Trump Bar. (via Eater)
  • Emporiyum is this weekend, here are some food things you should be on the look out for. (via DC Refined)