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WHEREIN: We bring you the developments (happening in and around D.C.) that we think are newsworthy, or, at the very least, almost newsworthy:

  • D.C. is the most politically engaged “state” in the US. What a shock. (via WalletHub)


  • After two years, Marion Barry is finally getting a tombstone. (via Washingtonian)
  • Metro General Manager Paul Wiedefeld defends Metro’s proposal to raise fare and be even shittier than they were before. (via WAMU)


  • Speaking of Metro, SafeTrack is affecting Red Line ridership. Surprise! (via Post)
  • People in Arlington are disturbed by a sex offenders Halloween decorations. (via Fox 5)
  • A man pepper sprayed an employee at Crown Fried Chicken on H Street. I don’t even know what to say to this. (via DCist)
  • Speaking of working in the service industry, Sally’s Middle Name will now accept tips. (via City Paper)


  • Kramerbooks might be expanding. (via Borderstan)
  • Thrillist goes in on why D.C. has a better food scene than New York. Some of the reasons are a little silly, but I’ll never miss an opportunity to remind people NYC isn’t that great.
  • This is what restaurants do when the President visits them. (via Opentable)