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 Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0384.jpgDisclaimer:
Earlier last week Joel came up to me and said:
Svetlana, this is how you make it an actual, quality blog:
you stop being so nice.

And you know, I agree, in general.
Not everything is awesome.
Not everything is worth being excited about.
( though I do recommend trying).
So….you can all start looking forward to more biting, slightly more acidic postings in which we love to hate things.

And you know why?
Because…because this Friday night was …. this much WORTH being excited over:
so here is the (excellent) time we had at the Middle Distance Runner/The Dance Party show this past Friday. K? k.

1. We had to stand in line. We were guest listed, and had photo passes and all sorts of other supposed advantages and under normal circumstances, being primadonas and all, would have complained about waiting in line.
But, there was something about it being Friday night, 35 degrees (optimistically) and the fact that there was a line around the block for a completely local, non-majorly labelled show that made us feel…well, all warm and fuzzy inside.

2. We get in and it is P.A.C.K.E.D. With all sorts of people, drinking and not drinking, dancing and non dancing, in ones, twos, threes and tens, some on antibiotics (like yours truly), some dragged in by their friends (like Joel, bless his soul), but all there to see Middle Distance Runner and The Dance Party. Which, you know, made us feel even warmer and fuzzier inside (and it wasn’t just the stomach flu I’ve been cradling)


Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0384.jpg Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0384.jpg Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0384.jpg

3.The Dance Party  _MG_0046.jpg The Dance Party  _MG_0034.jpg The Dance Party opened.
we heard some songs of theirs before,
and just barely missed them opening for The Whips
and saw the “Victory” video and word of mouth had it that their live show was, well, one big dance party but kids….
if we were the kind of people that use the words “fucking'” and “shit” then we would call their performance “the fucking shit”
(ok, we just did) because it was that rad.
(we also never use the word “rad”, it does not work well with a Serbian accent, but we are throwing all caution to the wind and using it now).
High kicks, major catching of air, non-stop energy, one stomping song after another (someone, someone should get an exclusive deal to dress these kids, and keep it skinny, tailored and with some spandex for ease of movement and an ascot ot two or ten), and all sorts of grasshopper readiness, and all this with a replacement drummer to boot.
I swear at some point if they wanted to stage dive, Joel would have dropped his camera so he could break their fall.
Most people would have.
Just go see them play.
And hope it happens often.

The Dance Party  _MG_9989.jpg The Dance Party  _MG_9977.jpg The Dance Party  _MG_0118.jpg The Dance Party  _MG_0070.jpg The Dance Party  _MG_0011.jpgThe Dance Party  _MG_0055.jpg

4. Then a little break.

5.Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0255.jpg Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0223.jpg Then after we caught our breath its Middle Distance Runner time.
I remember the first time Holly played me an MP3 of “Naturally” and said: isn’t this perfect?
and 10 seconds later we were both clapping to it as tho we have heard it a million times before.
Now, close your eyes, go to your special inner place and
imagine a full 9.30 club behaving like that.
Pretty special.

Somehow, most of the songs sound like you have heard them before
(and we mean this AS A COMPLIMENT) some 45 seconds into them.
The progression is so natural, the choruses and hooks come at you exactly when you want them,
and when they ask you (nicely) to clap…dammit, you will clap. And then say thank you.very.much.
I don’t think they will ever stage dive, but you know, that a-ok with us.
Just go see them play.
And hope it happens often.

Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0262.jpg Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0290.jpg Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0211.jpg Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0191.jpg Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0201.jpg Middle Distance Runner  _MG_0330.jpg

so that’s that. we loved. we took photos. we loved some more.
next week Svetlana turns evil. maybe.