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all photos: Jeff Martin

While we have been, thus far, blessed with an unreasonably pleasant DC August lets face it: just me typing that sentence is about to jinx EVERYTHING and we’ll be stuck in 100 degree, 150% humidity weather before you’re even done reading this story.

Which is where this new and exciting trend of alcoholic slushies will come into play ever-so-perfectly. The fact that they are popping up at some of our favorite bars – is an added bonus. In order for you to make all your drinking decisions in the most informed/educated way, we stopped by the two latest editions to the mix: Eat the Rich and Bar Pilar to see what was being blended for your imbibing pleasure.

Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-09-8884

Over at Eat the Rich, bar manager Rob Tinney has rolled out a menu of five different cocktails (all made in blenders) not a single one of which will make you want to karaoke to a Jimmy Buffet song, we pinky promise.

Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-06-8873

The obvious front runner for a favorite is the There Goes The Neighborhood which combines blackberries, local honey, lemons and rye for a tangy yet definitely kicky summer drink.

Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-15-8909Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-16-8910

Joining it are Orgasmatron (Vodka and fresh peaches), a slushie gimlet and a watermelon rum combination that sits especially well in the hurricane-style glasses the drinks are served in. The menu though may change depending on the fruits coming into the ETR kitchen. We’re more than willing to swing by anytime for both these and tentative new flavors.

Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-10-8889Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-12-8901

Over at Bar Pilar, the slushy machines are proudly perched behind the downstairs bar and yes, also here you can expect some flavor changes as the season progresses (they even experimented with some non-alcoholic ones during the Dog Days weekend at the start of the month).

Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-17-8920Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-18-8922

For now though, there is a pina colada and a moscow mule on the menu, both done just so to evoke just the right kind of a hammock afternoon. Add to that the fact that Bar Pilar permanently features a $5 Daiquiri during their happy hour (5-7pm everyday), the bar has officially become our #1 spot of choice for imagining a Key West Hemingway vacation while never leaving DC.

Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-21-8953Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-23-8965

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BONUS TO THE BONUS: some of the other places where you can find alcoholic slushies in town: Little Miss Whiskey’s and Jimmy Valentine’s (the Awesomeness by Gina Chersevani), and, of course, Estadio’s Slushitos (Adam Bernbach was always a big proponent of the trend). Let us know if you know of any more in the comments.

Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-02-8866

Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-04-8870Frozen Drinks ETR BarPilar-05-8871