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by Lauren Jones 

You guys. Don’t you love fancy lunch? No more of this brown bag bullshit. No. More. Can we also talk about how awesome crab cakes are for a minute? They are the most awesome. RIGHT? And did you know that you can (try) to get them from a food truck? I only say try because the gourmet food at Chef Driven changes by the season, which is fabulous because it means that it’s always fresh and continuously evolving into new and delicious fare.

Owner and chef, Jerry Trice, has a long history in the restaurant business. Wanting to become more mobile and have an opportunity to interact with customers, he knew that a food truck was his destiny. So, there’s that. I visited on a typical hot and humid DC day and was greeted by reggae jams and a friendly staff. First, I tried the spinach gazpacho. Let me tell you, I am not the kind of girl that likes cold soup. But THIS was phenom—crisp, garlicky and delectable. Chef Jerry says that a good gazpacho is a way for you to “drink your lunch without getting drunk.” Cheers to that.


Next, the beautiful little crab cake sliders, served with homemade remoulade on a toasted brioche bun, petit arugula salad with feta and olives, and sweet and vinegary slaw. Chef Jerry’s efforts are so clear in every detail, making the quality and freshness of the food was enough to send me over the moon. One of the cooks on board said “if you don’t like the food, you can bring it back and we will eat it for you.” I hear ya bro, but trust me, that will not be happening.

Other menu items include the ever popular steak and frites and pulled pork. Plates start around $10. Show your Chef Driven love with the tweets: @chefdrivendc.