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all photos: Priscilla De Lima Ledesma
all words: Livia Abramoff

Like any other 17 year old girl who feels like their dream is coming true by being “accepted” as media to go to DC Fashion Week, I would LIKE to write a good review of the events I witnessed last week. I would love to lie to myself and try to remember the events as being organized, exciting and fulfilling, but sometimes “wanting to be nice” is something that has to take the back seat. Truth prevails. Credit has to be given to the brave designers for showcasing their collections and designs in the very unorganized fashion show. Some of the most interesting designs showcased were from http://www.give-it-bag.com/. The people I talked to all agreed that their purses on the runway stuck out in a sea of more uninspired designs. In the future-maybe better choices on who was showcased would have strengthened DC Fashion Week, such as including local designers, Dana Ayanna Greaves from Artaya and Ginger Carlin of Booshie Design. In the meantime, here are the photos:

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