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all photos: Dakota Fine from last time

Mis amigos, what did I tell you in early 2008 when I had my first experience with the seriously fucking awesome party that is Los Amigos Invisibles? That it was just a matter of time before the Venezuelan funk/pop/disco outfit infected us hungry Washingtonians with their sound again. And that party was so big that it outgrew the Black Cat mainstage and landed, como una bomba, right on the 9:30 Club.

Los Amigos Invisibles have officially arrived in DC. I say this event hough they’ve been here at least once before, because what I saw on Friday were not just the beautiful Spanish speaking chicas from the first time and their not-afraid-to-dance males; but this time Los Amigos performed before a loud, sweaty and high energy group of people that included a few old biddies and a more diverse group of latin-lovers than before. Georgetown preps were in attendance as were tattooed I’m-usually-too-unaffected-to-be-affected hipster crowd, present company excluded. Heh.

Amigos_Cat-128 Amigos_Cat-148 Amigos_Cat-70

Los Amigos Invisibles delivered over two joyful, loud, but seriously seriously delicious hours of songs from their latest album and other get-off-your-ass-and dance anthems that have made them the popular act they are the world over. And not to play favorites or anything, muchachos, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so much dancing at the 9:30 Club before. It was as if the whole place had been invaded by this Latin sensation. Actually, what the fuck am I talking about, it was.

What I think makes this band so awesome is that they are true entertainers and they know their audiences well. We come to dance our asses off and they are there to serve it up. From their signature funk/disco sound to a more electronic/house thing they’ve got going on lately, Los Amigos Invisibles may not throw the most focused set…but somehow I get the feeling that their fans, new and old alike, just don’t give a flying cojon. Touching upon their entire career anthology, going to a Los Amigos Invisibles show is like going on a serious but awesomely awesome journey of disco, funk, old school Latin American pop, Brazilian batucada and bunch of other crazy mierda. And the audience, with our futbol-mundial-like cheering and almost-manic bouncing, doesn’t tire for a second. So don’t expect to come to a Los Amigos show and stand around holding a beer tightly upon your chest and just slightly rocking your head to the beat, cause most likely, you boring boringnacs, some beautiful Latin American lady will come up to you and ask you to dance.

Amigos_Cat-171 Amigos_Cat-122

Mark my words, putitos, the next time Los Amigos Invisibles come to DC you will get your ticket before they sell out, you will go to the show, you will have a damn good dancing time and you will come home glad that you actually went. Or I will renounce my Costa Rican heritage, dye my hair blond, and change my name to Michael. Joder!


P.S. A very special shout-out to the amazing beautiful women (Benneton ad?) who got the party started right with their Rio Carnival-like drumming; Los Amigos’ perfect opener. I had no idea there was such a thing in DC. You ladies brought me back to my days in Rio and Bahia. Batala, my ladies, I am your newest fan. http://batalawashington.com/