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Hi I’m Nick DePrey.

While Alex Tebeleff takes a break from being Alex Tebeleff in a nearby national wilderness preserve, I’ve been given the tall task of filling his shoes for this week’s DC DIT. About me: I play in some bands sometimes and go to some shows other times and on occasion host shows at my house.  Does that make me qualified to tell you where to spend your time?  Hell no. But I did start this little thing called Homestage and I’d love to tell you a little about it.

Awhile back some of us started playing and attending more shows at house venues than traditional venues. The aforementioned wilderness-venturing Alex T of Paperhaus and others like him were carrying the torch for offering alternative creative spaces for artists at the time. We saw an opportunity to grow the house show scene as best we could with our own spaces, talents and organizational skills. We wanted to lessen the burden on the DIY stalwarts and expand the network of venues, fans and artists participating.

Maybe you’ve noticed: DC’s “DIY” culture is booming. From whimsically named houses that touring bands all over the country are dying to play to innovative food startups to what-will-they-think-of-next art collectives,  to massively successful city-wide DIY festivals, everywhere I go in DC I’m constantly impressed with the creativity and ambition on display.  Far from being a catalyst for these amazing developments, Homestage is a resource. Looking to experience something new and different musically in someone’s living room? We got you covered. Thinking of hosting a show in your house or space? We’re here to help. Is your performance art trio looking for a space to put on your musical adaptation of Joyce’s Ulysses? We might be able to help with that too.

So check out the site, admire some cool show posters and photography, frown upon my barely adequate web development skills, and take advantage of the resources we offer. You can browse a calendar of DIY upcoming events, submit info for your own event, and browse another calendar of bands looking for places to play.

Oh you don’t care about all that stuff and just want to be told what shows to see this week?  OK here goes

WEDNESDAY (3) Under the Counter presents: We Did It @ the Triangle House

This is a comedy show hosted by Leah Gage, of BRNDA fame.  I don’t know the comics, but I do know that music will be provided by none other than Jonathon Parker, and man that dude can play (see video below).  Laura D and the triangle crew are really good at putting on variety-style entertainment that blends music, words, and whimsy in the same way that Church Night has captured our hearts. The last time I was at the Triangle House I took some really cool photos of Loi Loi, one of which I’m fairly certain will be used as a Vampire Weekend album cover without my permission in 5 years.

X @ Black Cat

“My mom used to take me to see X when they played at the Orange County Fair”

– Baby Bry Bry.

While I’ve been warned that they’re all right-wing nutjobs these days, they probably still put on a great show.  Do punk reunion shows deliver the goods? Stay tuned.


Max Levine Ensemble, Lvl Up, Liam Betson @ Comet Ping Pong

Another intriguing Sasha Lord bill. MLE is a staple of DC punk and features one of the best vocalist/personalities around in David Combs aka Spoonboy.  Liam Betson is a Titus Andronicus alum. If his solo project is anything like that of his bandmate Andrew Cedermark, whom you may have seen at the Paperhaus, this is going to be of high quality.


California  X, Impalers, Give, Passing Phases @ La Casa

Your double-dose of hardcore shows starts with this 4-band affair at La Casa in Mt Pleasant. Among these bands, Passing Phases is pretty mellow in an Elvis Costello kind of way and Give is a pretty good bet to kick you in the shins. This is a benefit show for We Are Family, serving a diverse elderly community in NW DC. Rock for a cause. Chris Moore for the win!

Art After Dark @ Art Museum of the Americas

Outdoor video projections and DJs and hundreds of RSVPs on facebook at an Art Museum. Goes til 1am.




Sitcom, Iji, Marvelous Good Fortune, Thunderworld @ the Rocketship

It’s been waaay too long since I’ve taken in a Rocketship basement show. Among these I have really enjoyed Seattle’s Iji in a twee pop kind of way. SITCOM is a Jake Lazovick project from Baltimore.

All Things Go Presents: Furniteur, Brett, PLOY, & Chris Burns @ Dunya

Furniteur is DC native Brittany Sims’ pop project, produced by the talented and friendly dudes of Brett.  I love the “Modern Love” single and look forward to more promising stuff from this outfit. The Brett dudes always bring the rain in their own right whether it’s their own tracks, producing others, or curating and putting on great shows. I don’t know the venue but I betcha it will be adequately electro-swanky if that’s what you’re into.



Witch Coast, Littlefoot, and Ian @ The Communiverse

Witch Coast is the new project of the Sea Life’s Jon Weiss. That’s a lot to be excited about right there. Joining them will be two bands from Boston’s BUFU records label who come well recommended.  Props to the Communiverse for hosting shows on Sundays, when I have no other commitments. See you there!