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By Alex Tebeleff

Hey everyone, my name is Alex and this column is called DC DIT. I find the DIT mantra of Do It Together exemplifies more of what I hope my participation in the DC music scene will contribute as opposed to Do it Yourself. My goal is to connect people with creative ideas and interests and help grow a scene that features a remarkable amount of intelligent and talented musicians.

I’ll be out of town this coming week, but for those of you in town, I don’t envy trying to figure out what show to go to this weekend! It’s incredible how many house shows are happening. It’s certainly more frequent and involving more kinds of music than I’ve seen. It’s a beautiful sign of how healthy things are in the DC music scene.

A bunch of new house spots are doing their first show this spring, newer places like Ft. Loko are really picking up an amazing amount of shows, and even places that have been around for a while, like The Beehive, are putting on more shows. It’s more than just people in bands putting on these shows, the music lovers in town are getting more directly involved in helping grow the scene through putting on house shows too. I’ll let the shows do most of the talking.



Protester, Breakout, Institute, Pure Digust @ Ft. Loko

A hardcore punk show at this increasingly active house venue. Protester and Pure Disgust are local DC bands, while Breakout and Institute are on the road from Austin.


Br’er, Sarmust, Hello Dharma @ DC9

Those of you who read this column regularly know that I think Br’er is one of DC’s most creative bands, and this diverse bill is a great chance to catch them. The new line-up of Br’er also features members of Stronger Sex (formally Johnny Fantastic) and Pree. Sarmust is a very interesting indie rock project that incorporates strong elements of Pakistani and Indian music. The contrast between the search for spiritual fulfillment and love in the songs of Sarmust, and the exploration of the darker aspects of humanity in the music of Br’er, make for quite the interesting pair! Soul-influenced Virginia rock band Hello Dharma opens the bill.

Klauss & Kim Holland @ Wild Hand Workspace

DC/Charlottesville band Klauss will be performing an acoustic set at this art show that features the first solo exhibition of painter Kim Holland. I imagine Klauss’ very relaxing and hypnotic music will translate perfectly to a purely acoustic environment. Wild Hand Workspace is a multi-use art space located in Monroe Street Market in Brookland. It’s always wonderful to see mixed art events like this! You can also continue to check out Kim’s work on display at the space from May 8th- May 25th.

The Grey A & Edward “Bear Miller” @ UCDC

Another art show with live music on the same night. This show features the music of The Grey A, as well as the paintings from Edward “Bear” Miller, at UCDC’s First Floor Gallery.


Franz Nicolay, Louis Weeks, Sean Barna, The Room Outside @ The Alamo

Franz Nicolay’s idiosyncratic brand of Rock and Roll was honed as the keyboardist in the band The Hold Steady. Louis Weeks has been on of the best songwriters to emerge in the DC scene in the past year, and his current live band is fantastic. Sean Barna plays solo live for the first time since returning to DC. Fantastic New Mexico Alternative band The Room Outside, and Sean Barna’s first solo show since returning to DC, round out the bill perfectly.

The National Poster Retrospecticus @ Hole In The Sky

Hole In The Sky continues to put on many of the best art events in DC, and this one is no exception. The National Poster Retrospecticus is a touring show of hundreds of posters from some of the best poster designers in the country.


Fluffer, Black Checker, Cannonball Cole @ Jamjar

Jamjar is easily one of the best places to see a show in DC. It’s a house in Mt. Pleasant with a stage and a great vibe. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Fluffer live at The Paperhaus, and in their former of home of Bloomington, IN. Now based out of Cincinnati, I can say this is one band that is guaranteed to be fun live. It’s mind stimulating and fun to dance to. Black Checker is a band that has kept getting better over time; they are one of my favorite straight up rock bands in DC. Local Alt-Country band Cannonball Cole opens.

Honah Lee, American Television, Rememberables, No Evils @ The Dugout

A punk, alternative and garage bill that’s a great fit at The Dugout.


Frankie Teardrop, Passing Phases, Lil Huffy, Cool People @ Ft. Loko

Yes, another house show at Ft. Loko this week. This one features a new DC band called Cool People, classic power pop-punk torchbearers Passing Phases, Harrisonburg fuzz-pop band Lil Huffy, and Minneapolis garage pop band Frankie Teardrop whose short songs, fantastic hooks, and high energy embody the aesthetic well.


Sasha Lord & DC Deli Present The Feed, Castles, and Real Clothes @ Comet Ping Pong

Here’s your usual weekly Comet Ping Pong mention. Expect to see more from the DC Deli. New man in charge Natan Press has big plans for The Deli in DC, and this is just one of many shows he has planned to showcase DC talent coming this spring and summer. This particular bill features promising new alternative rock band The Feed, synth-laden post-rock band Castles, and electronic indie-folk band Real Clothes.


Tapitol Hill 2014 @ Blind Whino

This looks to be a pretty epic dance party over at Blind Whino. It’s not often you get to dance with hundreds of people to trap music in a graffiti covered church.


Sangharsha, Pharoah, Drugs of Faith @ The Pinch

A very interesting hardcore show at The Pinch in Columbia Heights.


Tiny House Concert: “Flamenco Dialogues” @ Boneyard Studios

If Hardcore isn’t your cup of tea you can always go check out this flamenco jazz show over at Boneyard Studios in Northeast. Marija Temo and Max Tsvetovat are both incredible musicians, it’d be hard to find a better display of talent than these two in DC. It’s just a wonderful plus that it’s in a tiny house.