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Hey DC! Looking for things to do this weekend? BEST WEEKEND BETS are, as always, hand picked and carefully calibrated for maximum fun, minimum stress. This week we’re doing something a little different and giving you some fun staying inside options, just in case you’re feeling a little anxious or if you’re in the middle of a self quarantine and need some other options. Stay safe out there, friends. Also, the theme is washing your hands! Please wash your hands. We’re not asking you to panic or do anything weird… Just keep your hands clean! And moisturize!

ALERT ALERT ALERT Incrediball: The Capital Pride Honors & Kick-Off Party is June 5th and we are V. PUMPED!

AND in case you didn’t know, we recently announced Future Is Festival (happening March 26th-29th) and YES RHEA BUTCHER IS ON THE LINEUP THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

Grab an all-access pass (ON SALE NOW) to Death Becomes Us, which is slated for November 2020!

Plus Bentzen Ball 2020 all-access passes are on sale! October’s a ways off, but we still vote you GET ‘EM NOW!

All sorts of great stuff:

• Need something to do while you’re at home? Here are some books to read while you’re quarantined.

• And speaking of being quarantined, here are all of the tips you need to keep your work from home life in order.

Sauce is the only thing you should be hoarding. We mean it.

• Binge watching Taskmaster is also a very good option.

• Lulu’s Winegarden is open and their pork belly pastrami sandwich is calling your name.

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• Algiers, Hammered Hulls and Light Beams makes for a damn good night at the Black Cat.

Anxo is celebrating Women’s Month with a talk and cider tasting featuring four women cider makers. Sip on nine different ciders while munching on some snacks.

Slash Run is hosting a free screening of Santa Sangre. Drink some beer, watch a weird Jodorowsky movie and kick back.

Big Bear and Domestique are teaming up for a fried chicken dinner paired with Pet Nat. Two great tastes that taste great together.

FREE PICK: Lonnie Bunch, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and founding director of the National Museum of African-American History and Culture, is in conversation with Dana Williams of Howard University at DCPL! They’ll be talking about Bunch’s new book and more.


• Download the Libby app and dig into DCPL’s excellent and very free ebook library.

• And speaking of DCPL, do you have a Kanopy account? It’s a free movie streaming service available to anyone who has a library card. They have some very good movies including a ton of criterion content.

I guess it’s time to get into puzzles! You knew this was coming down the pipeline eventually. We all must give into the nefarious pull of puzzles one day.

• Read about the wild world of plant scamming. Also, water your plants!

• Now is the perfect time to create your very first TikTok account.

+ ALL SORTS OF other stuff


• Hanami: Beyond the Blooms opens at ARTECHOUSE. Their annual cherry blossom installation is always magical.

• KRS-One is at the Howard Theatre. You know you want to go.

• Desiree Dik’s Oddball at Slash Run is always a very good (and very interesting) option.

• Grab a drink (and maybe even some pasta) at Red Hen.

FREE PICK: The National Museum of Asian Art is screening Vive L’Amour and damn does this movie look good.


• Every week we write about the newest true crime podcasts on the block. It’s a good time to catch up.

• If you’re not already binge watching everything Bon Appetit’s YouTube is putting out… What are you waiting for?

Online beer trading is kind of / sort of the seedy underbelly of the beer world. Learn all about it and maybe get into it?

• It’s time to start a new hobby. You’re learning how to knit now. I’m sorry, we don’t make the rules.

• Stare at other people’s impeccably designed homes on Apartment Therapy. I do this on the daily.

+ ALL SORTS OF other stuff


• Right Round, the Black Cat‘s 80’s alt-pop dance party, is turning 18! This dance party can officially vote.

• And speaking of dancing Jimmy Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Club is keeping the music on all night long.

• Grab a drink and settle in for a screening of Marlina The Murderer In Four Acts at Suns Cinema.

• Start your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations early at The Dew Drop Inn’s pig roast.

FREE PICK: Head on over to Transformer for the opening reception of their newest exhibition Which Yesterday Is Tomorrow?


• Turn on this new, sexy, goth-y tune by Vlad Holiday and dance around your bedroom.

• And speaking of getting up and moving, I try to do this 20 minute pilates workout with Karen Lord every day. It’s hard because I am very weak, but it’s also kind of soothing.

• I’ve been longingly reading this article about the best pasta in Rome. Maybe you can try and recreate some of these babies?

• You can also learn about the strangely lucrative career that is infant sleep consulting.

• Have you started Love Is Blind? We all need a little more trashy reality TV in our lives.

+ ALL SORTS OF other stuff

• Not sure what to see in the theater? Check out our film section for reviews. Or our new, super handy MURDER MYSTERY GUIDE.

• Looking for some good new brunches to try? Check out our DC BRUNCH GUIDE. It’s useful.


• Uniform and The Body are jamming out at Black Cat.

• Or you could hit up Kath Bloom and Amanda Glasser at Songbyrd.

• The National Portrait Gallery is screening a sneak peak of Netflix’s upcoming series Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C. J. Walker. Octavia Spencer will be there, which is pretty damn cool.

• Profs & Pints is hosting a boozy Intro To Gaelic lecture at Bier Baron.

FREE PICK: Trek on over to The REACH to see a free screening of Selma.


• Start prepping your home office (if you haven’t already).

• You downloaded Duolingo a few years ago and promptly stopped using it like the rest of us, right? It’s time to open that baby up.

• Whether you are a video game person or you’re not a video game person, you might want to give these games a spin.

• A scary movie marathon is always a good option.

• Take a walk. Go outside and get some fresh air. You’ll feel a little better, we promise.

+ ALL SORTS OF other stuff…

And just like that, the weekend is over:

THERE ARE OTHER THINGS TO DO LISTED IN THE BYT CALENDAR PAGES, so use it and if you think we may have missed something, comment away–you know you want to. NO EXCUSES.

Until next time…