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Hey everyone! This week’s edition of BEST WEEKEND BETS are, as always, hand selected from BYT ALL CITY and carefully calibrated for maximum fun and minimum stress, and will be punctuated with inspirational images of BRING IT ON since with our new site and our new NYC site it is a cheerleading kind of week in the BYT offices.


  • ALSO-we are looking for a location for our New Year’s Party. So-if you have any suggestions/know of some places (no matter how random) – shoot us an email at [email protected]


OK, ready for the weekend now? No? Tough Luck





  • Well, I am assuming we’re all going to go and watch the final TWILIGHT movie today, right? RIGHT? Wait, where did you all go? But for real, Breaking Dawn 2 aside, Ana Karenina, Silver Linings Playbook and more also open this weekend, so just make sure to keep an eye on our FILM SECTION for reviews and recommendations AND WARNINGS too.
  • Also, E Street is doing a matinee screening of AMARCORD, which is, as we all know-AMAZING.
  • Looking to get into the Thanksgiving spirit a little early? Jack Rose is having a turkey roast, and our WEEKLY FOOD NEWS has all the info you need about that.
  • Also-our firends over @ Pandahead magazine are having a fun little auction BIZZARRE (geddit?) where they will sell assorted (and undeniably super cool) Pandahead Paraphenalia in order to fundraise so they can make even more awesome issues of their awesome magazine. The best part? It all takes place in a laundromat. Just because.
  • speaking of bazaars-Art Jamz is having one too.
  • Also-Taryn Simon’s new show opened last week at the Corcoran-and if you have a free afternoon, this is what we heartily recommend you spend it on.
  • + ALL SORTS OF other stuff

AND REMEMBER: THERE ARE A BAJILLION OTHER THINGS TO DO LISTED IN BYT ALL CITY, so use it (to both post your events and search for them) and if you think we may have missed something, comment away–you know you want to.

TILL NEXT TIME, repeat after me: