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Hey everyone! This week’s expanded Thanksgiving edition of BEST WEEKEND BETS are, as always, hand selected from our revamped AGENDA HOMEPAGE and carefully calibrated for maximum fun and minimum stress, and will be punctuated with inspirational/insane mash-up of Lindsay Lohan/Liz Taylor images since we all know that Lifetime’s LIZ & DICK showing this Sunday is the REAL Turkey this for this weekend.


OK, ready for the weekend now?


  • Traditionally, this is THE party night of the week, for all the obvious reasons. And, unlike most “a little bit of shows/a little bit of drinking/a little bit of culture” nights, it is ALL ABOUT the bar scene tonight. Here is what to do:
  • Spirits in Black is back and continues its tour of DC’s best bars with this month’s edition being @ The Passenger. The pre-holiday metal cocktail slaughter includes limited edition DC Brau kegs, $4 schlitz’s all night AND yes, some of the best cocktails you’ll have this month.
  • ALL THINGS GO are back with the annual RAD TURKEY throwdown @ Bourbon, with Lightwaves and John Thornley DJing.
  • over @ LOST SOCIETY-Chris Burns, Gavin Holland and Philippe Chetrit hold the 14th and U fort down (if in need of a change of scenery-head down to Tropicalia for yet another party)
  • and for all those super late night bad decisions – the pre-Thanksgiving ShameDown @ Jimmy V’s
  • keep our HANGOVER CURES guide on hand for reference and survival of family times tomorrow. You’re welcome.
  • + ALL SORTS OF other stuff





AND REMEMBER: THERE ARE A BAJILLION OTHER THINGS TO DO LISTED IN THE BYT AGENDA PAGES, so use it (to both post your events and search for them) and if you think we may have missed something, comment away–you know you want to.

TILL NEXT TIME, repeat after me: