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by Anders Larsson

Friends, we live in an area of art! The abundance of artsy events and places to visit may be borderline overwhelming, but worry not: Below, you will find a list of the most intriguing events and exhibitions of the month to help you decide where to get your art on.


Blurring the Lines, Washington Printmakers Gallery
Aug 29 – Sept 30

“What is a print?” is possibly not what you are trying to figure out right now, but you will. It is the question that the artists of Blurring the Lines have worked with to create an exhibition of multiple approaches to printmaking. It won’t be what you expected, which is good, and it will probably give you a pretty decent idea of what printmaking can be, which is even better (we’re all confused about it.)


Seen/Unseen, Touchstone Gallery
Sept 5 – 30
OPENING RECEPTION September 7, 6 – 8:30 pm

Road trips are cool. So is this exhibition, because it is inspired by the road trips of Rosemary Luckett, an artist with Surrealist influences who tells several stories with every artwork. You will see black prints and wood sculptures. You will read little poems. You will wonder what the hell she actually wants to tell you, and you will find your own beautiful answer. It will be road-trippy. Go. (And check out the exhibition “Color Grids” while you are there!)

Paintagon, H Street Festival
Sept 15 noon

First off: Please do not miss this festival. It will be neat. Possibly not in the actual sense of the word (yes, festivals have a way of being quite the opposite of neat.) but it’ll be a cool one. The Paintagon itself is all about graffiti. Five street artists will create some art live, full in the sight of gods and men, and it will most likely be quite rad. Why you should go? Because graffiti.

Monument to the Unelected, The Washington Post
Sept 10 – Nov 9
Public Talk with artist Nina Katchadourian Sept 10 6:30 pm

Do you care about the election? You may or you may not, but this little window exhibition at the Washington Post will be an offbeat way to prepare for ALL OF THE VOTES! If you’re looking for Obama or Romney decor, look elsewhere, because in this
exhibition you will find only those who came in second in presidential elections. Every single freaking one of them. Yup, Nina Katchadourian decided it was a brilliant idea to rub it in their faces all over again! Poor runner-ups. But seriously, let’s gloat.

Other exhibitions and events of interest:

If we’ve missed some of your favorites, let us know in the comments section!