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As part of the Year in Art Effort, every week Washington Project for The Arts and BYT comes together to give you a tidbit of the (some may say surprisingly?) colorful DC Art History. Be ready to be a cocktail party conversation star:

It took a while for graffiti to be considered something other than destruction of property, and while still some do, others revel in its creative styles. For a long time, Borf was to some the only styleistically recognizable street artist in DC. Then,  In 2006, the Wall Snatchers exhibit was created by Washington Project for the Arts and Corcoran Museum.

wall snatchers 3

Curated by  Kelly Towles, and presented at the Staples building in Georgetown (home also of the first Post Secret exhibit) It brought together graffiti artists such as Bask, Eon, Faile, fi5e, Mister Never, Nick Z, and Tes One. Although some might have strong feelings about graffiti being shown in a gallery because it takes it out of its natural environment, the DC art community seemed to enjoy the gallery being graffiti-ed.

wall snatchers 2

The Washington Post’s Jessica Dawson said, “Absurdity grounds the exhibition and lends it humor: Its very content — indoor, institutionally commissioned graffiti — is something of an oxymoron.”

Next thing you knew-“street art” was EVERYWHERE.

wall snatchers 1

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