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As part of the Year in Art Effort, every week Washington Project for The Arts and BYT comes together to give you a tidbit of the (some may say surprisingly?) colorful DC Art History. Be ready to be a cocktail party conversation star:

As summer approaches many will want to take a dive into a pool. This time last year teams were getting ready to compete in the SynchroSwim. It was a competition held by Washington Project for the Arts, where teams could consist of 2 to 10 people. They were judged by best performance, best visual spectacle and crowd favorite.

The costumes ranged between 1940s style swimwear, to sheer bathing suits with pink and silver stars strategically placed, to a suit a tie and finally to fishnets. On top of the Capital Skyline Hotel, the teams competed with their routines using techniques ranging from traditional to the extreme.

The judges were synchronized swimmer WonKee Moon, Philippa P.B. Hughes from the Pink Line Project, and Spike Mendelsohn from Good Stuff Eatery. Mendelsohn was also aided in judging by two members of the Real World DC cast.

Tina Torpedo and the Flipping Flippers were literally flipping canoes to the tune of “Rolling on a River”. The enjoyment of this image not can make you laugh now, but it earned them the title of Best Visual Spectacle.

We Are Science performed in full suits and business wear. Through a production of spoken word they did a visual performance in water that somehow makes me think we are all connected. The judges did too and that earned them the Crowd Favorite award.

Courtesy of Adam Good

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Hopefully another SynchroSwim will be held this year. Keep your fingers crossed and start prepping your own sychro team.

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