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The health and safety of our audience is our top priority. Death Becomes Us is taking the coronavirus very seriously. We’ve been in close communication with Gramercy Theatre and are carefully following all health guidelines. As of now we are not planning on canceling the festival but will notify all attendees if anything changes. Thank you!

So you’re interested in buying a Death Becomes Us All Access Pass, but you’re not there just yet. We get it, but trust us it’s worth it. An All Access Pass is the only way to guarantee your spot at every single major show at this festival.

This is a can’t-miss deal for all you murder-aficionados out there, so head over to DeathBecomesUs.com to grab yours now!

Still have some questions? Read on…


1. So wait, what shows does the Death Becomes Us All-Access Pass pass get me into?

You get into all Death Becomes Us Festival shows held at Gramercy Theater, April 23rd through April 25th!

2. Yeah, but what are the shows?

Here’s what we have so far, more TBA soon!

  • Morbid Podcast Live April 23rd at Gramercy Theatre
  • The Best of Oxygen’s Snapped w/ Martinis & Murder Saturday April 25th at Gramercy Theatre
  • America’s Next Top Cult (a cult-themed comedy show!) Saturday April 25th at Gramercy Theatre

3. How much do I save?

We can’t say exactly how much yet, but no matter what, you will definitely save money vs buying tickets to all the shows. Most shows will be $25-$40 each + a convenience and service charges.

4. Are there any other benefits of the All Access Pass?

There will be reserved seats for All Access Pass holders, and you get to jump to the front of the entrance line at Gramercy Theatre.

5. Are there shows the All Access Pass won’t get me into?

Right now? No. Now, if an opportunity arises in the future for us to host a show but all our venue spots are full and it’s a show that needs to be held at a smaller venue, we may do something like that, but currently, there are no plans to.

6. Are the tickets transferable?

Nope – the name on the ticket has to match the name on your ID. You are allowed to buy multiple tickets under your name and bring a different date with you each night. But you can’t just give it to someone else if you can’t make it on a particular night.

7. Anything else I should know?

All the shows will be all ages. The tickets are non-refundable. Talent and shows subject to change.


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